Kunming Sky Oasis Golf Resort

Basic Information about Kunming Sky Oasis Golf Resort

  • Chinese Name: 昆明天湖岛高尔夫球会
  • English Name: Kunming Sky Oasis Golf Resort
  • Location: Beidaying Meadow, Xundian County, Kunming City

Kunming Sky Oasis Golf Resort is located in Xundian County, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, covering an area of 1900 mu. It is a mountain course opened in 2008. The golf course has shallow valley and gentle slope terrain, with moderate slope, which is a rare Golf terrain in China. Members of the Kunming Golf Group include three of Kunming’s leading courses: Spring City Golf & Lake Resort, Stoneforest International Country Club and Sky Oasis Golf Resort, as well as Brilliant Resort & Spa on Lake Yangzonghai.

Features of Kunming Sky Oasis Golf Resort

Sky Oasis Golf Resort, which opened in 2009 and was originally known as Skyait Golf Club, is popular with Chinese golfers living in east coast mainland China cities. Sky Oasis Golf Resort is planned to build 108 international standard fairways, which are located in Beidaying, Xundian County, Kunming City, with an average altitude of 2000 meters. In the International Ecological Resort, the club has a beautiful grassland, with 1200 hectares of original ecological grassland, such as isolated mountains, cliffs, canyons, clear flower ditches, Beidaying reservoir and other beautiful water scenery, natural hot springs, mountain springs and other secluded scenic spots, as well as unique Miao ethnic customs. In addition to professional stadium, the club plans to have Resort Hotel, living club, original ecological restaurant, leisure club, holiday villa, spa, complete supporting facilities and excellent service quality.

How to Get to Kunming Sky Oasis Golf Resort

Kunming Sky Oasis Golf Resort is located in Tianhu Island, Beidaying village, Xundian County, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. Drive 18.1km along G320, straight into Daoma line; drive 6.4km along Daoma line, turn right in front of you; drive 20m, turn right; drive 2.2km, turn left; drive 30m, turn left; drive 10.4km, turn right in front of you into Hebei line; drive 200m along Hebei line, turn right in front of you; drive 320m to the destination.

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