Kunming Country Golf Club

Basic Information about Kunming Country Golf Club

  • Chinese Name: 昆明乡村高尔夫
  • English Name: Kunming Country Golf Club
  • Location: Shi’an Highway, Kunming City, Yunnan Province

Kunming Country Golf Club is a Sino foreign cooperative enterprise approved by Kunming foreign investment examination and approval office. It started construction in May 1995 to build an 18 hole 72 pole international standard golf course and a series of supporting facilities such as auxiliary clubs, tennis courts, swimming pools, etc. Les watts, a famous golf course planning designer in Australia, designed it according to the terrain characteristics and natural scenery. Kunming Country Golf Club would be a good choice for those golfers doing a full on Kunming Golf Package in Yunnan.

Features of Kunming Country Golf Club

Kunming Country Golf Club is one of the oldest golf courses in Kunming. Reputedly built making full use of the land-form in perfect harmony with the surrounding scenery, this Par-72 6,918-yard Kunming golf course covers an enormous 90 hectares of land. Kunming Country Golf Club is a golf course with many sharp dogleg-right holes and willt. With ten Par-4 holes of fair distances and the usual 4 Par-5s, there is little room for easy birdies on this little beauty of a Kunming golf course. Strategic play and clever course management are essential at Kunming Country Golf Club for good scores. The most memorable hole however is the Par-5 580-yard Hole #11. The resilience of the Burmuda turf used both for the greens and fairways provides an all year round well preserved greens and conditions are average at this Kunming golf courses.

How to Get to Kunming Country Golf Club

Kunming country golf club is located 14 kilometers from Anning-Shilin road, Kunming city, Yunnan province. Start from Kunming Yinxiang to the east, drive 300 meters and turn left to Lijingyuan middle road, go on 0.9 kilometers along Lijingyuan middle road and turn left to Beichen avenue, keep 9 kilometers along Beichen avenue and go straight to Kunming-Shilin expressway, drive 5.2 kilometers along Kunming-Shilin expressway and go straight to G324, walk 5.6 kilometers and turn left and go 300 meters to the destination.

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