Luzhijiang River in Yuxi and Chuxiong

Why is Luzhijiang River So Special?

Luzhijiang River(绿汁江) is located in the Luzhi town(绿汁镇), the southwest of Yimen County, Yunnan Province, 40 kilometers from the county seat, 120 kilometers from Kunming, adjacent to Chuxiong(楚雄) and Lufeng(禄丰). Luzhijiang River belongs to Honghe river water system and first grade tributary of Yuanjiang River, originated from the north of Jiulong Mountain(九龙山), Qinfeng Town(勤丰镇), Lufeng County(禄丰县), Chuxiong Prefecture, flowing from north to south through Lufeng(禄丰), Shuangbai(双柏), Yimen(易门), Eshan(峨山), Xinping(新平) into Yuanjiang(元江). The runoff area is 8600 square kilometers, the river length is 294 kilometers, and the natural fall is 1651 meters. The theoretical storage of water resources in the river basin is 330.7 MW. After Luzhijiang River joins Lishejiang River(礼社江)  in Shutang Town(水塘镇) of Yuxi, it is called Yuanjiang river(元江).

Luzhijiang River in Yuxi and Chuxiong

About Luzhijiang River Basin

The source of Luzhijiang River(绿汁江) is called “Yangxiqing(洋溪箐)”, originated from the north foot of Jiulong mountain(九龙山) in the Yangxichong village(洋溪冲村), Qinfeng Town(勤丰镇), Lufeng County(禄丰县), Chuxiong Prefecture. The Luzhijiang River Basin is located in the Central Yunnan Plateau with an area of 8613.4 square kilometers. Drainage basin is northeast high southwest low, middle and lower mountains and hills are widespread. The main types of geomorphology are tectonic erosion and structural corrosion. The relatively large basins in Luzhijiang River are Luoci(罗茨), Lufeng(禄丰), Shuangbai(双柏) and Yimen basin(易门坝子).

The Luzhijiang River Basin belongs to the subtropical plateau monsoon climate, with small annual temperature difference, large diurnal temperature difference and indistinct seasons. The average annual precipitation is 660.5-915.4 mm. The average annual runoff is 1.547 billion cubic meters.

The tributaries of the Luzhijiang River with a catchment area of more than 100 square kilometers include the Huixi River(汇西河), the Nanhe River(南河), the Baizigou River(稗子沟河), the Shezi River(舍资河), the Laoer River(老耳河), the Jieshi River(洁石河), the Shadian River(沙甸河), the Chuanjie River(川街河), the Gushui River(股水河), the Datian River(大田河), the Pahe River(扒河), the Taci River(他此河), the Yishi River(衣施河), and the Hekou River(河口河), the Pingdi River(平地河) and the Ketian River(克田河).

Luzhijiang River in Yuxi and Chuxiong

Features of Luzhijiang River

1. Some parts of the Luzhijiang River are turbulent, and some are spacious and open. In the rapids, floating down on the bamboo raft and kayak makes you excited; At the soothing place, the water is shallow, clear and ethereal, walking along the river makes you feel like being in the landscape painting scroll.

2. On both sides of the River, some places are lined with cliffs, strange peaks and different stones, just like an ancient mural; while some places with peaks and turns are suddenly open and clear, the mountains and rivers are bright, and the scenery is beautiful. In winter, there are cloud seas, like fairyland. Luzhijiang River is magnificent, with features of grand, strange, dangerous, beautiful, quiet, ancient, quite like the three Gorges.

3. Along the river, there are ethnic minorities such as Yi and Hani ethnic group, whose folk style is simple and unique. The “tiger palm dance” and “left foot dance” of Yi minority, “Duige(singing in antiphonal style) Meeting” of Hani minority and other ethnic customs maintain the original essence of ancient ethnic culture.

4. It has the advantages of developing tourism, drifting, rock climbing and other tourism projects. It’s a place to return to nature and challenge yourself. At the same time, vegetable forest fruit industry in Luzhi Town begins to take shape, can combine Luzhijiang river scenic spot comprehensive development of sightseeing agriculture tour and the industry tour, like agriculture horticulture flower visit, the industry metallurgical process visit, the mine hole exploration, etc. Luzhijiang River Scenic spot with distinctive features and rich content, is an ideal place for tourism, leisure and investment.

Best Time to Visit

You can visit Luzhijiang River at all seasons, but try to avoid the rainy days, in case the nature disasters occurs.

How to Get There

Long-distance bus is the main means of transportation to Yimen County(易门县). There are non-stop buses from Kunming to Yimen County. When you are there in Yimen County, anther 1 hour is needed to Luzhi Town(绿汁镇).

Kunming Northwest Bus Station-Yimen Bus Terminal

Departure Time: 7:00-18:30

Ticket Price: 27 CNY

Distance: About 101 kilometers

Consume Time: About 1.5 hours

Accommodation Around Luzhijiang River in Yuxi

For accommodation, you can find a place to stay in Yimen County.

1. Yimen Hotel易门大酒店

Address: No.218, Upper Section of Lvhe Road, Yimen County, Yuxi玉溪市易门县履和路上段218号

Tel: 0877-4864555

Starting Price: 236 CNY

2. Tengyue Business Hotel易门腾越商务酒店

Address: Nearby Yimen Bus Terminal, Yimen County, Yuxi玉溪市易门县靠近汽车客运站

Tel: 0877-4977888

Starting Price: 145 CNY

3. Tianhao Budget Hotel天浩快捷酒店

Address: No.168, Xinglong Street, Yimen County, Yuxi玉溪市易门县兴隆街168号

Tel: 0877-4969123

Starting Price: 96 CNY

Luzhijiang River in Yuxi and Chuxiong

Useful Travel Tips

1. Respect the customs of ethnic minorities and avoid disturbing the lives of local people.

2. From June to October is the rainy season and the road conditions could be dangerous.

3. Because of the great temperature difference, you should bring coats to keep warm and prevent a cold, especially in spring and winter.