Fuxian Lake, Yuxi

Fuxian Lake Overview

Located in Chengjiang county, which is 52 kilometers away from Kunming, Fuxian lake is 5 kilometers away from the county seat of Chengjiang county. It is the deepest plateau fresh water lake in China, with an area of about 212 square kilometers and a maximum depth of 155 meters, with an average depth of 95 meters and a maximum transparency of 8 meters. The lake is 1722.5 meters above the sea level. The water quality is national class water, the net purity of the lake is more than 99%, and the water storage is extremely large.

Fuxian Lake in Chengjiang County, Yuxi

The beauty of Fuxian lake cannot be separated from the limpid water of Fuxian lake. As early as the late Ming dynasty, traveler Xu Xiake in his Travels of Xu Xiake noted that “the mountains of Yunnan are rich in soil, therefore, obstructing the flow into the sea, and the flow is turbid, but Fuxian lake is the clearest”.

Features of Fuxian Lake

Fuxian lake is a holiday paradise! Authority personage evaluated Fuxian lake like this, she is big outdoor bathing place, a big oxygen bar! There are 42 tourism enterprises with a set of tourism, scientific research, entertainment, meeting and holiday reception. Part of the lakeside resort tourism facilities set hotels, beaches, entertainment, such as Xiangshan Hotel象山宾馆, transport training center, Yurong resort玉融度假区, Bijia mountain笔架山, Boxiwan resort波息湾度假区 and so on. Fuxian Lake is the first choice for vacation leisure and conference.

The water temperature of Fuxian lake changes little in summer and winter, and with good water quality, it is an excellent place to swim. It attracts thousands of people to play here every year. Warmest sun, softest beach and clerest water make Fuxian Lake’s summer become people’s favorite. More than 100 kilometers of road around the lake has been repaired, which is the best place to start walking, cycling and driving around the lake. There are various water sports in Fuxian Lake, such as diving, water cycling, kayaking, sailing, single boat.

How to Get There

Bus is the main means of transportation to Fuxian Lake. Surely, you can also drive.

Kunming-Chengjiang County

There are midibuses from Kunming South Bus Station to Chengjiang County. It takes about 1 hour and a half to Chengjiang Bus Terminal. Ticket price is about 20 yuan each person. The phone number of Kunming South Bus Station is 0871-67361722.

Chengjiang-Fuxian Lake

In Chengjiang county, you can take No.2 bus and No.8 bus to reach the scenic spots along Fuxian lake respectively. Or there are buses in Chengjiang bus terminal, you can see them when you get off the midibus. You can ask the driver who can tell you the detail information.

Main Attractions in Fuxian Lake

The Cherry Valley of Fuxian Lake, Yuxi

1. Hu Pan Sheng Shui湖畔圣水

Located in the northeastern side of Fuxian lake, Hu Pan Sheng Shui is 11 kilometers from Chengjiang county. A comprehensive international leisure resort integrates hotel rooms, special catering, Spa, leisure entertainment and wetland park. The scenic area consists of Fuxian lake Yuechun resort Hotel and Yueliang bay ecological wetland park.

2. Cherry Blossom Valley樱花谷

Next to Yuechun Hotel, cherry blossom valley is located on the northeastern side of Fuxian Lake, 15 km away from the Chengjiang county. It is an international high-end elderly care community dominated by high-end health care functional areas, supporting super five-star hotels and an ecology landscape theme park of about 200,000 square meters. it is a pension resort area with tourism, strolling, pension, leisure and holiday.

3. Luchong National AAAA Scenic Spot禄充国家AAAA级景区

Luchong Scenic Spot is the most beautiful scenic spots on the west bank of Fuxian lake, 19 kilometers away from Chengjiang county. Important attractions of Luchong scenic spot include Jianshan mountain尖山, Qilin mountain麒麟山, Wenchang palace文昌宫, Grand Buddha temple大佛寺, Laoyu village老渔村, Dadong Cave大洞, golden beach, Bosiwan波息湾, Biyan park笔砚公园 and Bijia mountain笔架山.

Mingxing Scenic Area of Fuxianhu Lake, Yuxi

4. Mingxing Scenic Spot明星景区

Mingxing scenic spot includes Mingxing fish cave明星鱼洞 and Biyun mountain碧云山 two major scenic spots. Mingxing fish cave is located on the west bank of Fuxian lake, about 1 km from Mingxing village, Jiangchuan district, Yuxi city.

5. Gushan Mountain Scenic Spot孤山景区

Gushan scenic spot is the earliest scenic spot developed by Fuxian lake and the first provincial scenic spot in Yunnan province. A number of high-end hotels, including Sunshine Coast, Ruiwen Hotel and Yuboyuan Hotel, as well as rural featured farmhouses, ruby beach and Qinjiawan beach, all of these constitute a tourism service system integrating food, accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment.

More scenic spots include Taiyang mountain international landscape resort太阳山国际山水度假地, North Fuxian Lake Ecological Wetland and Haimen Gehe Scenic Spot海门隔河景区.

Recommended Hotels in Fuxian Lake

Here below are some hotels you can choose when you are traveling in Fuxian Lake.

1. Fuxian Lake Taiyangshan Resort Hotel抚仙湖太阳山度假酒店

Address: No.10, Huanhu East Road, Chengjiang County, Yuxi玉溪市澄江县环湖东路10号

Tel: 0877-6688706

Starting Price: 410 CNY

2. Fuxian Lake Guanlan Resort Hotel抚仙湖观澜度假酒店

Address: No.8, Huanhu North Road, Chengjiang County, Yuxi玉溪市澄江县环湖北路8号

Tel: 18108879725

Starting Price: 129 CNY

3. Fuxian Lake Junlin Holiday Hotel抚仙湖君临假日酒店

Address: No.8, Huanhu North Road, Chengjiang County, Yuxi玉溪市澄江县环湖北路8号

Tel: 0877-6222077

Starting Price: 128 CNY

Fuxian Lake,Yuxi

Best Time to Visit

Enjoying a subtropical monsoon climate, tour is possible all the year round. With warmest sun, softest beach and clearest water, Fuxian Lake is a excellent place to escape the heat in summer.

Recommended Tour

When you traveling Yuxi, Fuxian Lake is the best choice to enjoy yourself. Tours in Fuxain Lake are always related to the hot destinations in Yunnan, like Kunming, Jianshui, Yuanyang and so on.

8 Days Deluxe Kunming, Shilin, Mile Jianshui Photo Tour with Yuanyang Rice Terraces and Fuxianhu Lake

Useful Travel Tips

1. Sunscreen

Fuxian Lake is a plateau lake, and it is popular in summer. Ultraviolet ray is strong in summer, when you travel Fuxian Lake in summer, remember to bring sunglasses, sun cream, sunhat or other sunscreen products.

2. Safety

The water in Fuxian Lake is deep, with 155 meters of its greatest depth. Therefore, if you are not good at swimming, please wear the life vest when you are doing some water sports.

3. Tickets

For admission fee, some scenic spots are free of charge, while some are charged.

Luchong Scenic Spot: 15 Yuan each person
Gushan Scenic Spot: 15 Yuan each person
Yueliangwan Wetland Park: 30 Yuan each person
Maotianshan Geopark: 20 Yuan each person
Xinhekou Lakeside Park: Free
Cherry Blossom Scenic Spot: Free
Fuxian Lake Rare Stone Museum: Free