Kunming – Baoshan Stone Town Transportation

Baoshan Stone Town is a key point of the Ancient Tea Horse Caravan, which is a nice choice for you to plan a Yunnan Trip of the Tea Horse Caravan. It is located about 110 km north of Lijiang in Yunnan province, which got its name because over 100 Naxi families live in a compact community on a gigantic stone like a mushroom. Getting to Baoshan Stone Town is not easy. Even though not very far away from Lijiang, it is still a bit troublesome to reach. Generally tourists who want to visit Baoshan Stone Town will arrive at Lijiang first and then transfer to. Check the info on Kunming-Lijiang Transportation.

How to Get to Baoshan Stone Town from Lijiang?

1.By Private Minibus

There is minibus departing from Lijiang to Baoshan Stone Town which costs about RMB 30. 

2.By Coach

The coach will take you to the government of Baoshan township. Then you need to walk another three hours to get to Baoshan Stone Village. 

3.By Car-rental

Rent a car to Baoshan Stone Town is also available. Start from Lijiang ancient city, then via Ganhaizi, Mingyin Township, Baoshan township and arrive at parking lot of Baoshan Stone Town. Walk about 500 meters to Baoshan Stone Town. 

If you go back to Lijaing Old City after 18:00pm, drive through the back entrance of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain scenic spot, at this time this is no entrance fee.

4.By Landway +Waterway

You can take a bus or rent a car to the Ahai Power Station(阿海电站), then rent a boat along the Jinsha river to reach the stone town. The boat fare will be RMB 300-400, and you can bargain with the boatman. On both sides of the Jinsha river, the scenery is similar to that of the three gorges.

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