Yunnan Bulls

Yunnan Honghe Bulls (Chinese: 云南红河奔牛) or Yunnan Honghe or Yunnan Bulls were a basketball team in the South Division of the Chinese Basketball Association, based in Mengzi, Yunnan (Chinese: 云南蒙自).

They won the 2004 Chinese Basketball League (CBL) championship and were promoted to the CBA for the 2004–2005 season, replacing the disqualified Beijing Olympians.

In the 2004–2005 season, the Yunnan Bulls finished in fourth place in the South Division and upset the North Division’s Liaoning Hunters in the quarter-finals, but lost in the semi-finals to the Jiangsu Dragons. In 2005–2006 they again finished in fourth place in the South Division, but were eliminated by the North Division’s Beijing Ducks in the quarter-finals.