Yunnan Longrun Pu-erh Tea

LongRun Tea Group has acquired Yunnan LongRun Trade Co., Ltd. in May 2009, then formally entered the Chinese tea market. It is the exclusive provider of “LongRun tea” products. It is the only listed tea company in China and H.K. with a business on tea, tea related products.

The Group adheres to scientific and technological innovation, product innovation ideas. The LongRun Pu-erh Tea College and Research Institute were built by LongRun Group and Yunnan Agricultural University. We have strong R & D ability. By virtue of this ability, LongRun Group uses the production experience of medicine manufacturing to produce tea; it established a unique quality management system to promote standardized and scientific tea production and specialized processing. It emphasizes on quality control starting from the source. The Group established cooperative relations with millions of tea farmers in Yunnan. Tea farmers grow tea or pick leaves in accordance with the strict standard. This behavior not only ensures the quality of raw materials for LongRun tea, but also provides a solid foundation for Long-Run tea to become a high-quality tea supplier.

After acquisition of Yunnan LongRun Trade, Long run Tea took over its distribution network. It contains more than 130 nationwide chains of franchise stores and direct sales stores. LongRun Tea is going to make an industrial and sales network layout in Fujian, Zhejiang, Hunan, Yunnan, etc. The Group is going to be the brand management company for more than 70,000 Chinese tea companies.

Long-Run Tea adheres to the “traditional with modern” concept of product development, and successfully developed fashionable products such as the tea bags, instant tea, easy tea cup, etc. The products include LongRun Pu-erh tea, LongRun black tea, LongRun green tea and other teas, with 200 varieties.

Health is closely related to every life. It is LongRun Tea’s responsibility to achieve healthier living. With all the sincere dedication, we will try our best to advocate “drinking tea everyday, to be healthy Chinese people”. To promote healthy living by tea business, this is a new era and a new starting point for Chinese tea. LongRun Tea is deemed to be the first brand of Chinese tea.