Yulin Gucha Fang Pu-erh Tea


Yulin Gucha Fang’s full name is Menghai Yulin Gucha Fang Tea Co., Ltd. Yulin Gucha Fang was established in 2012. It is a tea brand focusing on handmade Pu’er tea.  The ancient trees and traditional craftsmanship are the concepts of Yulin Guchafang. Authenticity, integrity and innovation are the principles of Yulin Gucha Fang. Quality and service are the core competitiveness of Yulin Gucha Fang.

Purpose of Establishment 

1. Unify standards (including fresh leaf raw material collection standards, production standards, facility standards);

2.Develop the ancient tree tea production capacity to obtain more abundant raw materials;

3. Refining to ensure quality (pick fresh leaves in time to be refined);

4. Control raw material(only fresh leaves can be used to distinguish whether it is an old tree fresh leaf);

5. Local masters make local tea (local masters understand local tea).

Refinning Technology

Refinning Process Inside Gucha Fang

1. Fresh leaf picking

2. Natural wither

3. Manual killing

4. Sun-cure

5. Hand-rolling

6. Shadowing 

7. Sun green

8.First pick

9. Raw materials inspection and storage

Refinning Process Inside The Refining Factory

10. Second pick before tea removal

11. Weighing

12. Steaming

13. Hand-kneaded

14. Graphite pressing

15. Shadowing

16. Third inspection

17. Low temperature drying

18. Fourth inspection

19. Packing


Yulin Gucha Fang’s products are mainly divided into sweet tea series, bitter and sweet tea series, bitter tea series, top products series and other series. 

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Edited by Ziwei Chen/陈紫薇