Yuanjiang County Shopping

Known as the “Sun City” in the Red River Valley, Yuanjiang County features intoxicating tropical and subtropical sceneries, rich ethnic cultures and bumper fruits fertility. There are a lot of Yuanjiang local specialties, some presenting product of them are listed as follow:

What to Buy in Yuanjiang County

Yuanjiang mangoYuanjiang mango

Yuanjiang mango is famous for its sweetness, freshness and rich nutrition. In summertime, mango trees in orchards can be seen bowed with clusters of golden mangos. Yuanjiang County has cultivated as much as 35,000 Mu (appr. 23 square km) of mango bushes with the annual output of over 4 million kg. 

Yuanjiang CarpYuanjiang Carp(元江鲤)

Yuanjiang carp mainly distributes in Zhujiang River System and Yuanjiang River System, it is an important male parent material of many kinds of cross-bred carp. The carp shapes oval, its’ head is small, and the body is compressed, and the fishtail is light red, so local people calls it also red fishtail carp. The fish meat is soft and fragrant. Local people cook it in stewing or souping. 

Yuanjiang aloe(元江芦荟)

Aloe is a kind of herbaceous perennial plant. It belongs to the lily family. The pulp of the leaf is delicious. The skin is as green as the jade. The content is as clear as the crystal, and the flower is as red as the flame. It has the effect of improving digest, freeing breathing, discharging poison, fighting against cancer, preventing diabetes, stimulating the menstrual flow, and improving body circulation and health condition, which result in the abundant sleep and body full of vigor. Besides, it is also a kind of ornamental plant. The shape is beautiful and the flower is colorful. It can be used to decorate courtyards, offices and rooms in order to beautify the environment and purify air.

Where to Buy in Yuanjiang County

You can go shopping in the local shops and markets to buy them.

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