Yuanjiang County Dining

Yuanjiang county is rich in local dishes, especially ethnic groups’ food. Potherb and wild flower are important food material for ethnic people in Yuanjiang county. Their eating habits are quite unique that you will see many kinds of food here you have never seen before. Your stomach will be satisfied with those delicious dishes.

What to Eat in Yuanjiang County

Been-Tendon-Yuanjiang-city-Honghe01.jpgBeen Tendon(牛蹄筋)

As a signature dish of Yuanjiang cuisine, beef tendon is widely welcomed by local people, it is always offered on the table of sidewalk snack vendor. The way of cooking it is to fry first , then stew for about one and a half hour, pepper is necessary for the dish. The flavor is smooth and delicious, as a visitor, beef tendon can not be missed if you go to Yuanjiang county.

A Full -Course Dinner of Aloes (Aloe Vera)

Yuanjiang is the hometown of aloes, you can find many kinds of aloes here, and wild aloes is common on the table of Dai people. Dai people here call aloes as Yahajiu(亚哈韭),means medicine like fire light. They cook aloes in all kinds of way: fry, stew, soup, steam and so on. 

You can also taste some local dishes like Laba Ham, fried mud fish.

Where to Eat in Yuanjiang County

As the saying goes: “Food is the paramount necessity of the people”. When people travel out home, restaurant is a vital part of their trips. In Yuanjiang county, there are many different types of perfect restaurant which offer famous local dishes and Yunnan Cuisine. Some of them are listed as follow, travelers visit here may have a reference.

More Restaurants in Yuanjiang County

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