Yuanjiang County Administrative Divisions

The jurisdiction of Yuanjiang is over 3 subdistricts, and 7 towns.

Lijiang Street(澧江街道), Honghe Street(红河街道), Ganzhuang Street(甘庄街道), Yinyuan town(因远镇), Manlai town(曼来镇), Yangjie Township(羊街乡), Nanuo township(那诺乡), Wazhi township(洼垤乡), Mili township(咪哩乡), Longtan township(龙潭乡).

Traditional Ethnic Villages

There are 6 ethnic villages in Yuanjing County, which are Yicibei Village of Wadie Town in Yuanjiang County, Yuxi(玉溪市元江县洼垤乡邑慈碑村), Erzhang Village of Nanuo Town in Yuanjiang County, Yuxi(玉溪市元江县那诺乡二掌村), Podie Village of Wadie Town in Yuanjiang County, Yuxi(玉溪市元江县洼垤乡它才吉村委会坡垤村), Anding Village of Yinyuan Town in Yuanjiang County, Yuxi(玉溪市元江县因远镇安定村), Niguo Shangzhai Village of Yangjie Town in Yuanjiang County, Yuxi(玉溪市元江县羊街乡尼果上寨) and Zhega Village of in Lijiang Subdistrict in Yuanjiang County, Yuxi(玉溪市元江县澧江街道龙潭村委会者嘎村).