Yuanjiang County Accommodation

It's a good idea to check the rooms in any accommodation before committing to anything. However, finding a nice hotel with sufficient furnishings and reasonable prices in Yuanjiang is so easy. Different styles of hotels are offered ranging from mid-range to budget ones. For more detailed information of hotels in Yuanjiang, check the followings.

Where to stay in Yuanjiang County

Yuanjiang Hotel(元江大酒店)
Address:No.2 on the Hongqi Road in Yuanjiang Hani, Yi and Dai Autonomous County(元江哈尼族彝族傣族自治县红旗路2号)

Kaidi Hotel(凯迪宾馆)
Address: on the crossover of Fenghuang Road and Wenhua Road in Yuanjiang Hani, Yi and Dai Autonomous County(元江哈尼族彝族傣族自治县凤凰路与文化路交叉口)

Tulip Hotel(郁金香酒店)
Address: No.13 on the Xiangyang Road in Yuanjiang Hani, Yi and Dai Autonomous County(元江哈尼族彝族傣族自治县向阳路13号)

Yuanjiang Yun'an Hotel(元江云安酒店)
Tel: 4008281661; 0877-6011189
Address: No. 115, Lijiang Road, Yuanjiang County, Yuxi City, Yunnan(云南省玉溪市元江县澧江路115号)

Yuanjiang Dayu Jinyuan Hotel (元江大宇金源酒店)
Tel: 4008281661; 0877-6515555
Address: Next to Sun City Plaza, Yujiang County, Yuxi City, Yunnan(云南省玉溪市元江县太阳城广场旁)

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