Yuanjiang County Overview

This is the Yuanjiang overview. Yuanjiang Hani, Yi and Dai Autonomous County (元江哈尼族彝族傣族自治县) is a county of south-central Yunnan province, People's Republic of China. The county seat is the town of Lijiang (澧江镇), while the county itself is under the administration of Yuxi City. It derives its name from the Red River (Asia), which is known as the Yuan River in Yunnan, and is an important provincial crossroads for access to Southeast Asia.

1.Basic information

Chineses name: 元江

Location: Middle of Yunnan 

Language: Southwestern Mandarin - Yunnan Dialect

Population: 205,744

 Nationalities: Han, Yi, Miao, Hui

Area: 2858 square kilometers

Zip code: 653300

Area code: 0877

2.Geographical Location

The Yuanjiang Hani Dai and Yi Autonomous County is located in the south-central part of Yunnan Province. The geographical coordinates are 101°39′~102°22′ east longitude and 23°18′~23°55′ north latitude. It is adjacent to Shiping County in the east, Honghe County in the south, Mojiang County in the west, and Xinping County in the north. 


This small county is China's Sun City. There are 12 hours of sunshine here. At the end of May, the maximum temperature can reach 45 degrees. The measured temperature of the road can reach 50+. You can feel the thrill of the sauna on the street. Yuanjiang enjoyed "the Great Town of South of Yunnan" in ancient time, and now it has the reputation of "Natural Greenhouse" and "Ailao Pearl". The characteristics of the three-dimensional climate are prominent in the mountains and plains. The highest altitude is 2580 meters and the lowest altitude is 327 meters. The county's vegetation coverage rate is 62.9%, and the forest coverage rate is 41.5%.


Yuanjiang has a long history. In the ancient time, it belonged to Southwest Yi. During the Xia, Shang Dynasty, it belonged to Liang Prefecture. In the Ming Dynasty, it was Changed as Yuanjiang Fu, and during the second year of the Republic of China, it belonged to Puer. In December 13th, 1997, Yuanjiang Yi and Dai Autonomous County was established.

5.Administrative Division

The jurisdiction of Yuanjiang is over 3 subdistricts, and 7 towns.

Lijiang Street(澧江街道), Honghe Street(红河街道), Ganzhuang Street(甘庄街道), Yinyuan town(因远镇), Manlai town(曼来镇), Yangjie Township(羊街乡), Nanuo township(那诺乡), Wazhi township(洼垤乡), Mili township(咪哩乡), Longtan township(龙潭乡).      

6.Ethnic Groups

There are 17 ethnic groups in the county. There are 8 ethnic groups live there all the time, which are Yi, Dai, Han, Hani, Lahu, Hui, Miao and Bai.


Due to its location at the bottom of a deep mountainous river valley, Yuanjiang lies at the junction of three different climate types, namely the tropical savanna climate (Köppen Aw), humid subtropical climate (Köppen Cwa) and, uniquely for China, the hot subtype of a semi-arid climate (Köppen Bsh). There are two main seasons: a dry season lasting from late November to early April, with mostly warm and dry weather (and the occasional cold snap) and the wet season covering May through September. The coolest months are December and January, which each average 18.1 °C (64.6 °F), and the hottest is June, at 29.7 °C (85.5 °F).

8.Best Time to Visit in Yuanjiang

The climate in Yuanjiang is hot, and the temperature in winter is often above 20 degrees. When traveling to Yuanjiang, the clothes should be cool. Be careful not to park on the world's first high bridge to avoid being punished.


The transportation of Yuanjiang is relatively developed compared to other cities in Yunnan. You can get there by different ways. There are planes, long-distance buses, trains, taxis, buses and minibus for people to get out and around. The annual transport capacity of passengers and freight reached 1.2 million and 8.5 million respectively. The post and telecom industry took a step forward. You can choose minibus or long-distance bus to go to Hongta District in Yuxi, and buses depart to Kunming everyday. In addition, the railway connect Yuanjiang and Kunming is under construction.


Yuanjiang county is rich in local dishes, especially ethnic groups’ food. Potherb and wild flower are important food material for ethnic people in Yuanjiang county. Their eating habits are quite unique that you will see many kinds of food here you have never seen before. Your stomach will be satisfied with those delicious dishes.

11.Top Attractions

There are some attractions in Yuanjiang County for people to visit, which are Yuanjiang River, Shigaoqing Scenic Area, Nanxi Primitive Forest, Miaolian Temple, Honghe River Bridge, Honghegu Ecological Agriculture Sightseeing Garden and Yuanjiang National Nature Reserve, Take Village and Take Cliff Painting, Ailao Rice Terraces and Nanuo Rice Terraces.