Yubeng Village: More than Paradise

It’s completely a paradise secluded from the world and maybe you have never heard of it-Yubeng Village. Only when you stand in this holy land can you understand why I describe it ‘more than paradise’. All the great words can be used to describe Yubeng Village but honestly speaking, it will be hard trip for you to get there.

I firstly arrived at Shangri-La and spent one night stay there. Next morning, I headed to Deqin County then to Feilai Temple. After one night in Feilai Temple, I started my trip to Xidang and hiked about 6 hours to arrived Yubeng Village. Long time hiking was hard for me especially in such high altitude. Sometimes I felt hardly breathe and the tremor of my lung arose my idea of giving up. But I have experienced long time trudging in order to find my paradise so that I could not give up on the half way.

The moment you saw the landscape in Yubeng Village-snowy mountain in the distance, prayer flags and verdant trees with tranquility and peace, you forgot all the hardship and just marveled at the gorgeous scenery.



The supply have to be brought into the village by mule so that food and drink is very expensive here. I recommended hikers can bring some canned meat or fruits from Shangri-La. No wifi here, which gave me the chance to close to the nature quietly and truly.

Next morning, I went uphill journey to Ice Lake with my friends. The scenery on the way is great and the area surrounding the lake is in stark contrast to the valley which leads to it. It looks like another planet, and you can even walk up onto the ice. The journey to Sacred Waterfall was far easier than to Ice lake. Maybe because I have adapted myself to long time hiking and high altitude in the past few days. It is a holy place for Tibetan to make wish. Actually, Yubeng Village is very close to Tibet but tourist can not across the border.

What is gone is gone, what is to come keeps coming. The memories in Yubeng Village, however, has been engraved in my mind and will be lasted as long as my life is there.