Unforgetable Memory in Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces

It is so easy to know that the best time to visit Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces is the period during October to Next April because the terraces are irrigated by water. I went there on February this year. The weather was so bad at that time, foggy, rainy and cold. I was nearly hopeless and a girl we met on the way to Yuanyang said that regret gave us the chance to go second time. I agree with her but I still hope that the weather could be better and miracles could happen.

Driving on the mountain roads from Jianshui to Yuanyang in rainy and foggy day was so horrible and funky! I still remember the sense of fear when I looked outside the window but hardly saw anything. The driver was so professional and skillful because he could drive fast although just fog could be seem at the front…

We arrived at Yuanyang Hani Rice Terrace Scenic Area at about 7 pm and chose to stay near Duoyishu Rice Terraces in order to see sunrise conveniently. When having dinner, we had a talk with someone in the same hostel. Some of them have been here for nearly two weeks but no sunny day appeared. Oh, my gosh! I should feel consolable or despairing?! However, the weather is always foggy here because of the high altitude and rich rainfall.

The next morning, I got up so early to wait for the sunrise in Duoyishu. It was so cold in the early morning and nothing could be seem except for fog. Some tourists blew to the foggy sky lovely and hoped their efforts could made a difference,haha… Later, a little part of terraces appeared but most of tourist left in disappointment. To my surprise, the weather turned to be sunny in the afternoon. Everyone in the hostel exclaimed. Miracle happened! We hurried to charter a car to Bada Rice Terraces that is a good place to appreciate magnificent cloud sea and Laohuzui Rice Terraces where the sunset is very famous and spectacular.


Sunset in Laohuzui

The layers and layers of rice terraces thrilled me totally. But the wonder sculptured by generations of diligent Hani people is more much than this. Next morning, I appreciated gorgeous and wonderful sunrise in Duoyishu Rice Terraces. The water reflected the changeable color of sky and it seemed like we were in fairyland.


Sunrise in Duoyishu


Blue Rice Terraces in Lvchun

I think the charm of traveling is not only what beautiful landscape you see but also the surprise you meet. This trip in Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces impressed me deeply and I will never forget the amazing and awesome scenery here.