Idyllic Landscape in Puzhehei Scenic Area

Puzhehei Scenic Area is located in Qiubei County, Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Prefecture. Wenshan boasts a long history, rich specialities, varied ethnic customs and charming landscape. Among all scenic spots in Wenshan, Puzhehei is the typical example of the landscape in Wenshan.

Covering an area of 165 square kilometers, Puzhehei Scenic Area consist of three main parts: Puzhehei, Chongtou and Wenliu. Altogether there are 109 scenic spots in the area. Being the majoy and well developed part, Puzhehei is a place with a combination of mountain peaks, caves, valleys, lakes and wild lotus. Its Karst landscape is regarded as a miniature of Guilin topography.

The first stop is the Lotus Flower Pond. We can see a large patch of wild Lotus here, about hundreds of hectares of them, against green mountains, clear lake water and the blue sky. We are so lucky as it’s September now. All the flowers are in their full blossom. It’s said that there are species of Lotus in the area and  2 of them are rare wild species.

Then we get through a village named Ecological and cultural Sani village. If you have been to Stone Forest, you must know that Sani people is a branch of Yi ethnic minority, the largest ethnic minority in Yunnan. We can know about the local ethnic people, their buildings, sculptures and other customs here.

When I saw the wonderful picture on the Internet, I wonder whether they stand in a high peak to shoot. The next spot tell me the truth. I climbed up the mountain peak and took a bird’s eye view of the whole area. The guide told us that there are more than 300 peaks here, some high, some thin, all standing compactly and dot admist the lake water.

The most interesting activity in Puzhehei is the ‘Water Splashing Festival’. Except for enjoying the Lotus flowers, green mountain peaks, I just relaxed myself and enjoyed the fun of splashing water. However, be careful when you sitting on the boat.

In Yi language, Puzhehei means a pond full of fish and shrimps. So tourists must taste the local delicacy, the fresh fish and shrimps in the lake. It was so delicious and fresh!