Yingjiang County Attractions

Yingjiang County attractions can be your better choice if you are tired of the hustle and bustle of metropolis, providing the tranquility and leisure of small county. Yingjiang enjoys the gifts of nature. When you step on the pure land and take a broad view, charming landscape, rare birds and the colorful ethnic culture. Here, travelers can visit the Buddhist culture, feel the miracle of tropical rain forest -- Tongbiguan King Banyan Tree and unique ethnic minority village in Sudian Lisu Ethnic Town, etc. What a marvelous place! Here are some attractions in Yingjiang county. 

Top Attractions in Yingjiang

Yingjiang County is named after the Dayingjiang River running through the whole county. Rafting on the Dayingjiang River will be an enjoyable experience. Tourists are also suggested to visit the Kaibangya Lake and Huangcaoba Pasture for their beautiful scenery, make a Buddist culture tour to the famous Yunyan Stupa, or have a site watch of the Tongbiguan King Banyan Tree.

The Best Places for Bird-Watching in Yingjiang

Yingjiang County is paradise for birds, providing pleasant natural resources. According to statistics, Dehong has more than 680 bird species, while 650 species inhabit in Yingjiang County, making it the No.1 county in China which has the best bird resources. Among all bird watching routes in Yingjiang county, Yingjiang Hornbill Valley is the most unique and fantastic one. It has a good reputation as "China Horbill Valley". It attracts many bird watchers at home and abroad and is truly the most famous bird watching resort in China.

Traditional Ethnic Villages in Yingjiang

The traditional ethnic villages usually have the well-preserved ethnic traditions, so they can be best choice for your Culture Tours in Yingjiang County. Traveling to the traditional ethnic villages, you can explore the most authentic ethnic traditions which can't be seen anywhere else. The following traditional ethnic villages in Yingjiang County are for your choice.

Historical & Monumental Sites in Yingjiang

The listed historical and monumental sites are also places should be visited if you want to have an indepth culture tour in Yingjiang County. You will know more about the Yingjiang County History, development of the ethnic groups and famous people in Yingjiang County.

Other Attractions in Yingjiang