Yingjiang World Hornbill Valley in Dehong

Why is Yingjiang Hornbill Valley So Special

Hornbill Birding Tour in Yingjiang Hornbill Valley of Yunnan

Yingjiang Hornbill Valley is located on the bank of the Hongbenghe River in Yingjiang County, Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. It belongs to the Hengduan Mountains extending from the Himalayas. The highest point is that the Daniangshan Mountain in Zhina Township is 3404.6 meters above sea level. The lowest point is that the Estuary of Nabanglashahe River is only 210 meters above sea level. The huge difference in altitude forms a cluster of northern tropical, subtropical and temperate climates, namely, the typical three-dimensional climate of the river. The forest coverage rate in Yingjiang County is 73.9%. There are many kinds of birds living here. At present, there are 550 species of birds found and recorded in Yingjiang, accounting for more than one-third of the national birds. The unique and precious Buceros bicornis, anthracoceros coronatus and Rhyticeros undulatus settle here. Therefore, it has the reputation of “Chinese Hornbill Valley”. Yingjiang is a beautiful and magical place, a paradise for birds, a kingdom of flora and fauna.

Where is Yingjiang Hornbill Valley

Yingjiang Hornbill Valley is located on the bank of the Hongbenghe River in Yingjiang County, Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province.

How to get to Yingjiang Hornbill Valley

In Hornbill Valley, there are no public transportation facilities. The best way to Yingjiang Hornbill valley is to charter a car with an experienced driver. It is very dangerous to get there by self-driving for those people who are not familiar with the road condition.

 Best time to Go

The mid and last ten days of May are the best time to visit the Hornbill Valley. With fine weather, it is easy to find the rare birds for those bird-watching lovers.

Nearby Attractions

XiangEhu Lake
Located in the southwest of Jiucheng Town of Yingjiang County, the beautiful XiangEhu Lake is the gateway and business card of Jiucheng Town. There are natural wetlands, sparkling natural lakes, and thousands of acres of lotus ponds with unique charm. XiangEhu Lake has a large amount of water, is not dry all year round, has good water quality, and contains many trace elements needed by the human body. There are more than ten kinds of wild fish in the lake, as well as birds such as egrets, yellow ducks and wild ducks, as well as aquatic plants such as lotus, reed and water hyacinth.

Yunyan Stupa
Yunyan Stupa in Yingjiang County, also known as Manmengding Stupa, is located on the top of Yunyan Mountain, 1 km east of Yingjiang County. “Yunyan” in Dai Language means an auspicious, joyful and fascinating place. It is one of the most important Buddhist pagodas of Hinayana in Yunnan. The pagoda was built in 1947 and it took eight years to complete the work. Although it is a modern product, it is rich in ancient style and is listed as a key cultural relic protection unit in Yunnan Province.

Travel Tips

One Day Yunnan Birding Tour to Yingjiang Hornbill Valley

Because Yingjiang is located at the southernmost point of Yunnan, the mountain road is tortuous; the traffic is inconvenient; the mobile phone signal and GPS signal are not good; and there is no road sign on the road. For the bird-watching lovers who are the first time to come to Yingjiang, it is necessary to take the local bird guide. If the bird-watching lovers are ready to watch the birds in the Hornbill Valley and Water Pond (Watching-bird point), it will be convenient to stay in Hongbenghe Village.

Tours including Yingjiang Hornbill Valley

1 Day Yingjiang Hornbill Valley Birding Tour