Yingjiang National Wetland Park, Dehong

Why is Yingjiang National Wetland Park So Special

Yingjiang National Wetland Park still maintains the basic appearance of the river and wetland without much artificial modification, and is full of “wild interest”. Standing in front of the empty square, overlooking the golden reeds, it is like a picture of a stretch of color. A gust of wind blows, the reeds sway in the wind, neatly fall in the same direction, a strain of reeds push each other, rushing to the distance, like rolling up thousands of waves. The scenery in front of visitors was so intoxicating that it was too late to listen to what the guide said, and everyone rushed to the reeds.

Yingjiang National Wetland Park, Dehong

Walking into the wetlands, you can faintly find a variety of waterfowl figures, wild ducks, egrets in large groups, playing in the water, which constitutes the beautiful picture with the reeds. Being close to nature and staying away from the hustle and bustle is the deepest feeling of the Yingjiang National Wetland Park. Looking at the swaying reeds, take a deep breath, the air is filled with a touch of earthy aroma, for those who have lived in the city for a long time, this is a place where you can recover your original simplicity.

There are quite a few places where you can enjoy the sunset glow. However, in Yingjiang National Wetland Park, there is another feeling that is unique. Standing on the plank road, in the distance, the sky and the earth are connected together, the sunset glow of the sky and the sunset on the lake reflect each other; in the vicinity, the scattered ponds look like the mirrors; the bright red setting sun are placed on the water, and the villagers who wear the baskets walk through the bamboo bridge and could not see the appearance, but the figure is very clear. Such a simple life scene is picturesque in the golden sunset.

Where is Yingjiang National Wetland Park

Yunnan Yingjiang National Wetland Park is located in the Dayingjiang River Basin in the southwestern Pingyuan Town, Taiping Town and Nongzhang Town of Yingjiang County, and to the Bangba Laozhai Village of Feimeng Village Committee, the upstream of Dayingjiang River in the north, Xuangang Village Group, Labing Village Village Committee, Taiping Town, the downstream of Dayingjiang River in the south, which is bouned by the outside of the river bank. According to the length of the central line of the river basin, the total length is 24.8 kilometers, and the total planned area is 1725.98 hectares, of which the wetland area is 1365.10 hectares and the wetland rate is 79.09%. The park is divided into five functional areas: wetland conservation area, restoration and reconstruction area, mission display area, rational use area, and management service area.

How to Get to Yingjiang National Wetland Park

After arriving in Yingjiang County, it is convenient to get to the Yingjiang National Wetland Park by taxi, which takes about half an hour. For those people who are bike lovers, it is good way to get to the Yingjiang National Wetland Park by bike, which takes about 2 hours.

Best Time to Go

Yingjiang National Wetland Park, Dehong

It is suitable to visit Yingjiang National Wetland Park all year around. Every season has its unique beauty.

Nearby Attractions

XiangEhu Lake
Located in the southwest of Jiucheng Town of Yingjiang County, the beautiful XiangEhu Lake is the gateway and business card of Jiucheng Town. There are natural wetlands, sparkling natural lakes, and thousands of acres of lotus ponds with unique charm. XiangEhu Lake has a large amount of water, is not dry all year round, has good water quality, and contains many trace elements needed by the human body. There are more than ten kinds of wild fish in the lake, as well as birds such as egrets, yellow ducks and wild ducks, as well as aquatic plants such as lotus, reed and water hyacinth.

Yunyan Stupa
Yunyan Stupa in Yingjiang County, also known as Manmengding Stupa, is located on the top of Yunyan Mountain, 1 km east of Yingjiang County. “Yunyan” in Dai Language means an auspicious, joyful and fascinating place. It is one of the most important Buddhist pagodas of Hinayana in Yunnan. The pagoda was built in 1947 and it took eight years to complete the work. Although it is a modern product, it is rich in ancient style and is listed as a key cultural relic protection unit in Yunnan Province.

Yingjiang Hornbill Valley
Yingjiang Hornbill Valley is located on the bank of the Hongbenghe River in Yingjiang County, Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. It belongs to the Hengduan Mountains extending from the Himalayas. The highest point is that the Daniangshan Mountain in Zhina Township is 3404.6 meters above sea level. The lowest point is that the Estuary of Nabanglashahe River is only 210 meters above sea level. The huge difference in altitude forms a cluster of northern tropical, subtropical and temperate climates, namely, the typical three-dimensional climate of the river. The forest coverage rate in Yingjiang County is 73.9%. There are many kinds of birds living here. At present, there are 550 species of birds found and recorded in Yingjiang, accounting for more than one-third of the national birds. The unique and precious Buceros bicornis, anthracoceros coronatus and Rhyticeros undulatus settle here. Therefore, it has the reputation of “Chinese Hornbill Valley”. Yingjiang is a beautiful and magical place, a paradise for birds, a kingdom of flora and fauna.