Yingjiang County Festivals and Events

Yingjiang festivals and activities tell you what to do during the festival tour in Dehong, and they will surely enrich your Yunnan Travel. Yingjiang county is home to five ethnic groups including Dai, Jingpo, Deang, Achang and Lisu. Travelers can enjoy their festivals and activities.

Yingjiang Festivals

Besides the pleasant climate and amazing birding tours, the unique festivals and activities in Yingjiang County also make your travel in Dehong impressive. The most famous festivals in Dehong such as  Water Splashing Festival of Dai people and Munaozongge Festival of Jingpo people, etc. are also celebrated in Yingjiang County.

1.Water Splashing Festival 泼水节

Water Splashing Festival is the traditional festival of Dai and De’ang ethnic minority. During this time, people splash water to each other to show wishes and get rid of the bad things last year. It is held from April 13-15.

2. Munao Zongge Festival 目瑙纵歌节

Munaozongge means that everyone dances together in Jingpo language. It is the grandest festival of Jingpo ethnic minority to sacrifice and commemorate their hero. The Munao Zongge Festival falls on  the 15th to 19th days of first lunar month.

3. Kuoshi Festival 阔时节

Kuoshi Festival is the traditional festival of Lisu ethnic minority which means the festival of singing and dancing in the new year. It is held around December 24th every year

4. Aluwoluo Festival 阿露窝罗节

Aluwoluo Festival is the most important festival of Achang ethnic minority, deriving from ancient religious ceremony. The festival falls on the 4th day of the first lunar month.

Activities in Yingjiang

For your Yingjiang Festival Tours, you can join in the activities such as water splashing and dancing with local ethnic people at Munao Zongge Festival. During the festivals, you can watch the folk dances and sacrificial ceremonies and listen to the folk songs. There is also birding theme event International Bird Watching Festival for you to explore more about birding culture in Yingjiang County.

Activity Location Theme

Jinwa (Guanmen/Closing Door) Festival of Achang

Major temples  Sacrificial ceremony
Chuwa (Kaimen/Opening Door) Festival of Achang Major temples  Sacrificial ceremony
Ganbai Festival of Achang Squares or some designated sites Festival market
International Bird Watching Festival Yingjiang County Exhibition of photos of bird species and tour prodcuts related to bird wacthing.

Yingjiang Festival Tours

Our  festival tour will guide you to experience the famous festivals in Yingjiang, Dehong, such as Water Splashing Festival, Munao Zongge Festival and Kuoshi festival, to learn and know more about Dehong culture. If you want Yingjiang tours themed on other festivals, please contact our travel consultants, and they will customize an itinerary for you.