Tongbiguan Nature Reserve in Yingjiang County, Dehong

Why is Tongbiguan Nature Reserve So Special

It is the only region in China with a tropical biota of the Irrawaddy River system. The tropical mountain forest ecosystem in the area is well preserved and the biodiversity is extremely rich, especially the rare and endemic species. There is the iconic tropical rainforest vegetation, such as kapur in Yingjiang, as well as tropical animals such as hylobates hoolock(白眉长臂猿) and hornbills. These rare species and ecological communities are very sensitive to environmental changes and disturbances. It is very difficult to recover after destruction. Therefore, the protection of animal and plant resources and their habitats in this region is of great significance for the rescue and development of endangered species and the maintenance of ecological balance.

Tongbiguan Nature Reserve is a good place for bird-watching. There are some rare birds in the nature reserve, such as Lophura nycthemera(白鹇), Psittacula derbiana(大绯胸鹦鹉) and hornbill.

Where is Tongbiguan Nature Reserve

Tongbiguan Nature Reserve is located in the westernmost part of China’s tropical region, bordering Myanmar and close to Assam in India.

Best Time to Go

Tongbiguan is a place that can be visited at any time. Every season has its own unique beauty.

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