Yingjiang County Dining

Yingjiang Dining will give you information about the popular food and snacks in Yingjiang County and the best local restaurants for your choice of where to eat in Yingjiang, Dehong. 

What to Eat in Yingjiang

The local people of Yingjiang have their own traditional food and their own taste. Generally speaking, People there favor sour and spicy food. The Dai people's diet is sour and refreshing, and the Jingpo people’ s are spicy. 

1. Basa(巴撒)

This is also called Yusa(鱼撒), which is mixed with uncooked fish slices and bits of fish meat.

2. Boiled River Snail with Paha(煮螺蛳)

This is cooked in many ways, either fry or steam boil. For fry, it is almost the same, but you can steam it in various ways. Generally, put the river snails in water for 2-3 days. Then cook it with the materials. After, steaming it for about one hour.

3. Green Leaf Feast(绿叶宴)

Jingpo minority treat their guests with Green Leaf Feast. It includes grilled fish, glutinous rice, tuynia herb, fried eggs, pancake, fish and some other vegetables, 7-9 dishes in total. Except eggs and rice are steamed, the other dishes are all grilled and packed in green plantain leaves.

4. Toasted Porket(火烧猪)

Toasted porket is one of the best dishes for entertaining guests among Dai people. Dai people would choose small ear pigs breeded in Dehong. The meat of those pigs is thin-skin with tender taste. After the baking process, the porket smell good and you can slice them up, and serve them with seasonings of Dai ethnic minority.

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Where To Eat in Yingjiang

Although Yingjiang is not as large and prosperous as Mangshi or Ruili, it also has some fine restaurants serving authentic local dishes. Here we selected some recommended ones for your choice.

  • Ningmengqin Tailai Restaurant (柠檬沁泰莱餐厅)
    Address: No. 52, Mihui Road 密回路52号
    Delicacy: Thai food, Dai food
  • Yongjia Restaurant (永佳饭店)
    Address: Jianshe Road (near Jiegang Bridge) 建设路(近姐岗桥)
    Delicacy: Chinese Cuisine
  • Menghuan Sapie Barbecue Store (勐焕撒撇烧烤店)
    Address: Jiegang South Road (Intersection of Ruili Avenue and Jiegang Road) 勐腊路祥瑞租车行旁
    Delicacy: Dai barbecue
  • Jingpo Feast (景颇宴)
    Address: Jiegang South Road (Intersection of Ruili Avenue and Jiegang Road) 密回路与槟江路交口北行30米
    Delicacy: Sichuan Cuisine

Muslim Restaurants in Yingjiang

  • Tengying Hui Restaurant (腾盈回族食馆)
    Address: 50 kilometers eastern of the intersection of Mengla Road and Xiangcheng Road, Yingjiang County盈江县勐腊路与象城路交叉口东50米
    Tel: 0692-8187687
  • Yaochun Muslim Restaurant (耀纯清真食馆)
    Address:No. 7, Yongsheng Road, Yingjiang County 盈江县永盛路7号
  • Fuyiyuan Muslim Restaurant (富艺清真园食馆)
    Address: Yongsheng Road, Pingyuan Town of Yingjiang County盈江县平原镇永盛路
  • Jiayi Hui Restaurant (加益回族食馆)
    Address: West Section of Yingdong Road, Yingjiang County 盈江县盈东路西段