Yingjiang County Accommodation

Yingjiang County Accommodation solves the problem of where to stay in Yingjiang. Since Yingjiang is a small town, there is no international luxury hotels in Yingjiang. If you want to choose the  international luxury hotels, you can go to the capital of Dehong, Mangshi City or the hot tourist destination Ruili City. Here below are some comfortable and nice hotels in Yingjiang for your choice.

Recommended Hotels in Yingjiang 

1.Triumphant Hotel  盈江凯旋大酒店 

Comment: It has the complete hotel facilities and  provides comfortable environment. It near the attraction, Yunyan Pagoda.
Tel: 0692-89666666
Address: No. 252 Yongsheng  Road, Pingyuan Town,Yingjiang County

2.Fenghuang Hot Spring Resort 凤凰温泉度假中心

Comment: It is 20 km from the downtown. The hotel provides water with a variety of beneficial minerals. The hot spring and swimming is free for customers.
Tel: 0692-3062 
Address:Manke Village, Jiucheng Town, Yingjiang County

3.Bianchui Hotel 盈江边陲酒店 

Comment: It is located in downtown and near the Yunyan Pagoda. Traffic is convenient for you. It has the complete hotel facilities and provides comfortable environment.
Tel: 0692-8188899
Address: Middle Section of Mihui Road (Bianchui Emerald Market) , Pingyuan Town,Yingjiang County

4. Jingzhu Hotel 京竹大酒店

Comment: The traffic is convenient. It is  located in downtown, near the passenger station.  The architecture is characterized by local culture and modern luxury style. It is a comprehensive hotel which integrates catering meetings, accommodation and leisure.
Tel: 0692-8107888
Address: No.27 Dangjian Road, Pingyuan Town,Yingjiang County

5. Shi Mi Wa Di Hotel 盈江诗蜜娃底大酒店 

Comment: It is located in the city center of Yingjiang County, enjoying convenient transportation and pleasant environment. It is a comprehensive hotel which integrates catering meetings, accommodation and leisure.
Tel: 0692-8121999
Address: No. 7, Shangjian Road, Yingjiang County 盈江 赏建路7号

6. Yujin Hotel 盈江玉锦大酒店 

Comment: It enjoys convenient transportation with comprehensive hotel facilities.
Tel: 0692-3027999
Address: Lower Section of Mihui Road, Pingyuan Town of Yingjiang County 盈江平原镇蜜回路下段

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