Yingjiang County Travel Tips

Yingjiang travel tips will be helpful to plan your trip to Yingjiang County of Dehong. For a better travel experience, it's necessary to read the information below. Yingjiang travel tips will also be helpful to your Yunnan Travel.

Useful Numbers

Zip Code 679300
Dailing Code 0692
Fire 119
Police 110
Ambulance 120
Weather Forecast 121
Traffic Accidents 122
Tourist Complaints 0692-2121528
Dehong Tourism Bureau (0692)8180352
Dehong Public Security Bureau (0692)8189967

The Best Time to Visit Yingjiang

Enjoying an ever spring climate, Yingjiang is suitbale for visiting in the whole year around. However, if you come to visit Yingjiang in the festival times, it will be more enjoyable. If you are a fan of birdwatching, the Yingjiang International Bird Watching Festival shouldn't be missed. 

The rainy season is from May to October. The best time for birdwatching in Yingjiang is from October to next April, with less rainfall, slightly lower temperature than summer, and less mosquitos. Spring and winter can also be the best time for the birding tours aiming to some bird species. For more information about Yingjiang birding tours, please contact us.

Yingjiang Dressing Tips

Yingjiang temperature changes greatly from day to night.  You should take thin clothes in spring and summer, and thick coat and sweater in autumn and winter. Those who are afraid of cold in winter can wear down jackets.

  • June-August: Summer in Yingjiang has strong ultraviolet rays and changeable weather. Umbrellas and sunshades can be used in Kunming all year round. Women should not forget to bring sunscreen. The temperature difference between morning and evening is large, so bring a thin coat to prevent a cold. 
  • December-February: Winter is dry and cool, besides the thick coat and sweater,  visitors who are afraid of cold should remember to bring down jackets to keep warm.

Things to Do in Yingjian

Natural Landscape Tour

Yingjiang County is named after the Dayingjiang River running through the whole county. Rafting on the Dayingjiang River will be an enjoyable experience. Tourists are also suggested to visit the Kaibangya Lake and Huangcaoba Pasture for their beautiful scenery

Minority Discovery Tour

The traditional ethnic villages usually have the well-preserved ethnic traditions, so they can be best choice for your Culture Tours in Yingjiang County. Traveling to the traditional ethnic villages, you can explore the most authentic ethnic traditions which can't be seen anywhere else. The following traditional ethnic villages in Yingjiang County are for your choice. It is also suggested to make a Buddist culture tour to the famous Yunyan Stupa, or have a site watch of the Tongbiguan King Banyan Tree.

Bird-Watching Tour

Yingjiang County is paradise for birds, providing pleasant natural resources. According to statistics, Dehong has more than 680 bird species, while 650 species inhabit in Yingjiang County, making it the No.1 county in China which has the best bird resources. Among all bird watching routes in Yingjiang county, Yingjiang Hornbill Valley is the most unique and fantastic one. It has a good reputation as "China Horbill Valley". It attracts many bird watchers at home and abroad and is truly the most famous bird watching resort in China.  There is also an event themed on birding in Yingjiang County, the International Bird Watching Festival. If you are a fan of birdwatching, you shouldn't miss it. Our Yingjiang Birding Tours are also recommended to you.

Enjoy Festival Activities

Besides the pleasant climate and amazing birding tours, the unique festivals and activities in Yingjiang County also make your travel in Dehong impressive. The most famous festivals in Dehong such as  Water Splashing Festival of Dai people and Munaozongge Festival of Jingpo people, etc. are also celebrated in Yingjiang County. We also have 1 Day Yingjiang County Kuoshi Festival Tour especially for thoses who are interested in Lisu ethnic culture.

Yingjiang County Transportation

Yingjiang County transportation roles as an important hub. It has 32 roads connected to Myanmar. It is the bridgehead for China's opening up. Yingjiang has the longest border line in Dehong. Yingjiang County has no airport or railway, but long-distance bus station. There are 4 regular long-distance buses from Kunming to Yingjiang County. You can also fly to Mangshi City of Dehong from Kunming, then take buses from Mangshi to Yingjiang County. The flight from kunming to Mangshi takes about one hour, and bus trip from Mangshi to Yingjiang costs about 2 hours. There are regular buses from Mangshi Passenger Transport North Station (芒市客运中心) to Yingjiang County, Starting at every 40 minutes from 7:30 to 16:50, the tikect fare is 32 yuan. 

More about Yingjiang County Transportation

Other Useful Information

Post Offices in Yingjiang

  • China Post (Yingjiang County Post Office)
    Address: No.92-1 Munao Street in Yingjiang County
  • China Post (Yingjiang Xiangcheng Road Post Office)
    Address: 70 meters northeast of the State Tax Bureau of Yingjiang County, Xiangcheng Road
  • China Post (Taiping Post and Telecommunications Office)
    Address: Taiping Village, Taiping Town, Yingjiang County

Hospitals in Yingjiang

  • Yingjiang People's Hospital 盈江县人民医院
    Address: No. 38, Xiangcheng Road, Pingyuan town,Yingjiang County (盈江县平原镇象城路38号)
  • Yingjiang County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine 盈江县中医院
    Address:No. 408, Mengla Road, Pingyuan town, Yingjiang County (平原镇勐腊路408号)
  • Yingjiang Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital 盈江县妇幼保健院
    Address: No. 159 Yongsheng Road,Yingjiang County (盈江县永盛路159号)

Safety Precautions

  • Take care of your luggage and important things, such as passport and visa.
  • Check out the weather report before your travel. Do not go sightseeing in bad weather.
  • Respect and follow local custom and avoid conflicts.