Tongbiguan King Banyan Tree in Yingjiang County, Dehong

Why is Tongbiguan King Banyan Tree So Special

The tree grows at Laodao Village of Tongbiguan in Yingjiang County. It is over 300 years old, 40 meters high and covers an area of 5.5 mu. More than 100 new trunks have grown from aerial roots, which touch the ground. The new and old trunks join together, which form a wonderful one-tree forest. Walking under the tree, you feel as if you were wandering in a virgin forest. It is the biggest banyan tree that has ever been found in China. That is why it is called the king of the banyan tree in China.

Dehong residents have a special affection for banyan. The Dai people worship these tall, straight and old trees in the village as divine trees. On New Year or other festivals, the Dai people will worship in the shade of these big trees, and pray for good health of both human and livestock, and abundant harvest of all food crops.

Where is Tongbiguan King Banyan Tree

It is located in the Subtropical Rainforest, next to Laodaonong Village(老刀弄寨), Tongbiguan, Yingjiang County, Yunnan, and is 30 kilometers from the seat of the county.

Best Time to Go

It is suitable to visit Tongbiguan King Banyan Tree all year round. Come here and feel the greatness of nature.

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