Yingjiang County Climate

Jingjiang Weather and Climate tells you the best time to visit Yingjiang County, especially the best time for birdwatching tours in Yingjiang. It also provides references for what to wear in Yingjiang.

Yingjiang Climate & Weather

Yingjiang enjoys a subtropical monsoonal climate without winter chills nor intense summer heat. It has clear dry and humid seasons with good rainfall. Its annual average temperature is around 18-20℃ (64.4-68℉). Temperatures vary greatly during the day, and it can reach 25℃ (77℉) in daytime during winter. The summers here have a good deal of rainfall, while the winters have very little.  

Four Seasons & What to Pack

Yingjiang County in Yunnan Province has a typical "three-dimensional climate". The climate of the whole county belongs to the low latitude plateau area. Winter is warm and summer is long. Rainy and hot weather occurs in the same period, as well as dry and cool weather. Spring temperature is higher than autumn temperature. The driest month is January. There is 14 mm of precipitation in January. Most of the precipitation here falls in July, averaging 372 mm. With an average of 24.4 °C, August is the warmest month. January is the coldest month, with temperatures averaging 13.3 °C. 

Temperature of the Four Seasons

Item Spring  Summer  Autumn  Winter 
Daily Highest Temperature(℃) 26 30 30 27
Daily Lowest Temperature(℃) 9 20 23 13
Record Highest Temperature(℃) 32 35 36 33
Record Lowest Temperature (℃) 2 12 18 0

What to Pack

Yingjiang temperature changes greatly from day to night.  You should take thin clothes in spring and summer, and thick coat and sweater in autumn and winter. Those who are afraid of cold in winter can wear down jackets.

  • June-August: Summer in Yingjiang has strong ultraviolet rays and changeable weather. Umbrellas and sunshades can be used in Kunming all year round. Women should not forget to bring sunscreen. The temperature difference between morning and evening is large, so bring a thin coat to prevent a cold. 
  • December-February: Winter is dry and cool, besides the thick coat and sweater,  visitors who are afraid of cold should remember to bring down jackets to keep warm.

The Best Time to Visit Yingjiang

Enjoying an ever spring climate, Yingjiang is suitbale for visiting in the whole year around. However, if you come to visit Yingjiang in the festival times, it will be more enjoyable. If you are a fan of birdwatching, the Yingjiang International Bird Watching Festival shouldn't be missed. 

The rainy season is from May to October. The best time for birdwatching in Yingjiang is from October to next April, with less rainfall, slightly lower temperature than summer, and less mosquitos. Spring and winter can also be the best time for the birding tours aiming to some bird species. For more information about Yingjiang birding tours, please contact us.

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