Yingjiang County Shopping

Yingjiang Shopping will you offer you wide range of choices in local specialties such as agricultural products, food and handicrafts, etc. Yingjiang enjoys rich natural resources which nurtured many local specialties there. Here are some products for you.

What to buy

1.Sugar cane 甘蔗

Due to the subtropical climate, the sugar cane of Yingjiang is succulent and very sweet.

2.Nut 坚果

Yingjiang is known as the Town of Nuts. Yingjiang County currently has 110,000 mu of macadamia nuts planted, accounting for 58% of the national planting area, making it the largest macadamia nut planting base in Asia.

3.Amomun tsao-ko 草果

It is a kind of important seasoning which is added to the dishes a lot. Yingjiang Tsao-ko is a specialty of Yingjiang County, Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan. Amomun tsao-ko plantation is a traditional industry in Yingjiang County.  Yingjiang County has a tropical climate in South Asia and is rich in land resources suitable for the development of tsaoko production.

4.Toasted Porket 火烧猪

Toasted porket is one of the best dishes for entertaining guests among Dai people. Dai people would choose small ear pigs breeded in Dehong. The meat of those pigs is thin-skin with tender taste. After the baking process, the porket smell good and you can slice them up, and serve them with seasonings of Dai ethnic minority.

5.Ethnic minority costume and handicrafts 民族服饰和手工艺品

There are five ethnic groups living in Yingjiang County. They make many fine handicrafts by themselves inlcuding the costumes, bags and ornaments, ect. 

Where to buy

Yingjiang offers diverse local specialties and delicious food. Most of them can be seen in the local shop, market,restaurant on the street.

Major Shopping Places in Yingjiang County

  • Yingjiang Commercial Pedestrain Street 盈江县商业步行街
    Address: No. 27, Garden Commercial Street, Yingjiang County 盈江县花园商业街27
  • Yongsheng Shopping Center 永盛购物中心
    Address: No. 102, Xiangcheng Road, Yingjiang County 盈江县象城路102号
  • Xinglin Farmers' Market 兴林农贸市场
    Address:No. 137, Mengla Road, Yingjiang County 盈江县勐腊路137
  • Xiangcheng Department Store 象城百货大楼
    Address: No. 23, Yongsheng Raod. 永盛路23号
  • Tianyuan Shopping Plaze天缘购物广场
    Address: 50 meters West of Forture Center, Yingjiang County 盈江县盈江财富中心西50米

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