The Golden Tanglang River Scenic Zone in Kunming

The Golden Tanglang River Scenic Zone origins from Haikou Town to the southwest of Dianchi Lake. The river flows through Anning, Fumin, and Luquan, before finally becoming one with the Jinsha River at the intersection of Luquan County and Dongchuan District. As one of Dianchi Lake’s natural water outlets, the Tanglang River irrigates farmland along its course, nurturing the local inhabitants, and has presented the surrounding areas with great gifts of nature. The site has become a great holiday attraction for visiting tourists.

Mangchuan, a tributary of Jinsha River, is the only outlet of Dianchi Lake with a total length of 252 km. Mantis Sichuan flows northwest from Dianchi Lake. Through tranquility, prosperity and Luquan in Kunming, it injects Jinsha River into the junction of Yuluquan and Dongchuan. The upper reaches of the river are called Mantis River, and the people who cross the river are called Pudu River. The Mantis River in the area of tranquility and Fumin is wider, its velocity is slower and there are many meandering terraces. The Pudu River in Luquan is characterized by turbulent flow, confrontation between high mountains and deep rivers, V and wide-spread type valleys. Huayang Guozhi Nanzhong Zhi records Dianchi County Youze Shui, with a circle of more than 200 li, so it is deep and broad, with shallow and narrow downstream, such as backflow that is, it refers to this river.

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