Anning Climate

Climate of Anning City

Anning is a mid-subtropical low-latitude high-altitude area with little seasonal temperature difference and clear dryness. The annual mean temperature is 14.9 ℃, the extreme maximum temperature is 31.5 ℃, the extreme minimum temperature is -7.8 ℃. The annual average precipitation is about 1000.5 mm, the maximum monthly rainfall is 208.3 mm, the daily maximum rainfall is 153.3 mm, the rainfall is mainly concentrated in May ~ September. Annual sunshine 2327.5 hours, annual evaporation 1856.4 mm. The maximum wind speed is 40 m / s.

When to go

Spring and autumn

How long to stay

(Short-term travel are recommended):1~2 Days

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Tips Before Travel

Bring copies of your passport

Don't assume you're restricted to the main hubs of Beijing and Shanghai, our tours can start from any city.

Register with your embassy

For your safety, please register with the Embassy.

Always have local cash

Exchange some local currency for your trip