Anning Travel Tips

Anning City is under the jurisdiction of Kunming, Yunnan Province. If tourists want to travel there, tourists should know these travel tips we provide about Anning City.

‣ Money Exchange

You can use cash and your passport to exchange for Chinese Yuan in every branch of Bank of China without fees charged. And 17 kinds of currency are supported, such as English pound, US dollar, Singapore dollar, Euro and so on.

 Anning Branch of Bank of China (No.49, Golden Peninsula in Datunxincun Village of Anning City)
 Kungang Branch of Bank of China (Address: No.84, Jianshe Street of Anning City)

‣The Best Time to Go

With favorable weather all year round, Anning City is a beautiful place worth traveling, especially from March to October-the best time to visit Anning City when blooming flowers, ripe fruits and festival activities all gather together. However, there is also something that tourist should notice in four seasons.

Spring (March to May): Because the weather in Wuhua District is a bit dry, suggested that tourists drink more water and eat more fruit and vegetables. And pay attention to the large temperature changes between day and night.

Summer (June -August): Due to the strong UV radiation and changeable weather,  tourists had better wear sun hats, sun glasses and sunscreen. And drink more water against dry weather and altitude sickness.

Autumn (September to October): From May to October is the rainy season in Kunming, if it rains the temperature will be lower, so tourists have better to take a windcoat and light sweater.

● Winter (November to February): The average temperature in Kunming in the coldest month, which will be 6 degree to 8 degree. People who are easily getting cold would better bring down jacket.

‣ Dressing Tips

The temperature changes a lot between day and night in Anning City especially in rainy day, please keep warm and take care of yourself. Due to the high altitude, please protect yourself from strong UV radiation by wearing sun hats, sun glasses and sunscreen. And drink more water because the climate is dry here.

‣ Toilet Facilities

Public Toilets can easily found in Anning City for free or changing 0.5 yuan. And you can find free sanitary toilets in large shopping mall or fast food restaurants.

‣ Useful Numbers

  • Fire: 119            • Police: 110            • Ambulance: 120
  • Weather forecast of the scenic spots: 16800122
  • Zip code inquiry: 3139491
  • Consumption Complaint: 12315
  • Tourism Complaint: 3164961

‣ Post Offices and Hospitals

Post Offices


•China Post Office
Address: in the junction of Huagu Road and Heping Road

• Bajie Street Branch of China Post Office
Address: No.44, Qingyun Road in Bajie Subdistrict

• First Afflicated Hospital of Kunming Medical University
Address:295, Xichang Road in Wuhua District

• Wuhua District People's Hospital
Address: 62, Dongfengxi Road