0Yunnan Specialties

With a pleasant climate and abundant products, there are many local specialties in Yunnan. The interaction of different cultures, religions as well as rich and colorful lifestyles provides tourists with many shopping choices in Yunnan. Due to the large number of ethnic minorities, the handicrafts of various ethnic groups here are very exquisite and a good choice as souvenirs. Of course, the food in Yunnan can not be missed. Flower cakes and Moodly have become the representatives of snacks in Yunnan. In addition, various kinds of ham, coffee and tea are usually the must-buy specialties for tourists.

Specialties in Yunnan

Here below is a Yunnan specialty list.

Administrative Divisions Specialties
Kunming Yunnan Flower Cake, Moodly, Batik Article, Guandu Baba, Yunnan Baiyao, Yiliang Roasted Duck, Cold Noodles with Chicken Shreds, Er Kuai, Wild Mushroom, Insects Dish
Chuxiong Dayao WalnutMouding Fermented Bean CurdYongren Truffle, Yi Embroidery, Yi Costume, Yi Cuisines, Wild Mushroom
Dali Xiaguan Compressed Tea(Tuo Cha), Tie-dyeing, Dairy FanXizhou Baba, Three Course Tea
Lijiang Lijiang BabaNaxi Grilled FishNaxi BarbecueSalmon FishLijiang Black Goat Hot PotDongba PaperSandieshui(Snowy Mountain Feast)
Diqing Yak MeatMilk ResidueBarley WineKazhuo Tibetan Knife, Matsutake Mushroom, Tibetan Fragrance Pig, Chinese Caterpillar Fungus, Pipa Meat
Xishuangbanna Fresh Bamboo Shoot, Tropical Fruits, Puer Tea, Dai BrocadeRice Cooked in Fragrant Bamboo, Yunnan Arabica Coffee, Traditional Pottery-making Craft of Dai
Baoshan Fried Er Kuai(Dajiujia), Tengchong Ersi(腾冲饵丝)
Dehong Sapie(撒撇), Dai Cuisines, Paoluda(泡鲁达), Bamboo Rice of Dai, Tropical Fruit
Zhaotong Zhaotong SauceTianma (Gastrodia Elata) Steamed Chicken, Gastrodia Elata
Qujing Xuanwei Ham, Luoping Rapeseed Oil, Zhanyi Spicy Chicken, Malong Ganba Mushroom
Wenshan Wenshan Pseudo-ginseng/SanqiWenshan Zhuang BrocadeGuangnan Bamboo-tube Tea 
Honghe Hani EmbroideryJianshui Purple PotteryMengzi Rice Cake, Gejiu Tin Arts and Crafts, Cross-the-bridge Rice NoodleShiping TofuSteam Pot ChickenJianshui Roasted TofuBadawan Feast
Yuxi Chengjiang Lotus Root Starch, Boiled Fish in Copper Pot, Kanglang Fish, Potato With Rice and Ham in Copper Pot, Yuxi Roast Duck, Yuxi Cold Rice Noodle
Pu’er Puer TeaSimao Coffee, Edible Wild Herbs, Jingdong Mango
Lincang Dianhong Black Tea, Bean Powder Rice Noodle(稀豆粉), Chicken Mashed Rice(鸡肉烂饭), Preserved Ham Papaya Chicken(火腿木瓜煮鸡), Yongde Mango, Cangyuan Cured Beef, Bamboo Banquet, Chicken Rice Noodle
Nujiang Bingzhongluo Chestnut, Xiala, Gongla (Meat Wine and Egg Wine)Stone Baked Cake, Nujiang Fish, Chicken Porridge

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