Anning Overview

‣ Basic Information of Guandu District

● Chinese Name:安宁市

● Key Words

Altitude:1,800 meters

● Population: 367,000

Average Temperature:14.7°C

‣ Administrative Division of Anning District

 Anning City has nine subdistrict offices, 4 village committees, 347 village groups, 34 community residents committees and 152 residents groups.

‣ Geography

Anning City is located in the western suburb of Kunming, 28 kilometers away from the main urban area of Kunming. It is between 102 [8]- 102 [37'] longitude and 24 [31'- 25 [6]] latitude. It is about 66.5 kilometers long in the South and 46.4 kilometers wide in the East and west. It has a total area of 1301 square kilometers. The southwest side is adjacent to Yimen County.

‣ Climate

Anning is a mid-subtropical low-latitude high-altitude area with little seasonal temperature difference and clear dryness. The annual mean temperature is 14.9 ℃, the extreme maximum temperature is 31.5 ℃, the extreme minimum temperature is -7.8 ℃. The annual average precipitation is about 1000.5 mm, the maximum monthly rainfall is 208.3 mm, the daily maximum rainfall is 153.3 mm, the rainfall is mainly concentrated in May ~ September. Annual sunshine 2327.5 hours, annual evaporation 1856.4 mm. The maximum wind speed is 40 m / s.

‣ The Best Time to Go

With favorable weather all year round, Anning City is a beautiful place worth traveling, especially from March to October-the best time to visit Kunming when blooming flowers, ripe fruits and festival activities all gather together.

‣ Transportation

Anning superior geographical, developed national highway 320 through Myanmar, Kunan, an Chu Expressway, Cheng-Kun Railway, etc., Anjin Expressway, Kun Kuang Railway has started construction, the asphalt direct to the various administrative villages. Peaceful 32 km from Kunming, Kunming to western Yunnan 8 prefectures, and via wanding directly connected to Myanmar traffic town.


Anniing City has a long history, known as "Gladiator treasure, even the gold side."

‣ Culture

Culture, sports, radio and television further developed in 2013. The added value of the cultural industry was 803 million yuan, accounting for 3.5 percent of GDP.

‣ Economy

In 2003, the regional GDP increased from 4.62 billion yuan in 2002 to 9.61 billion yuan in 2007, and the per capita GDP exceeded 30,000 yuan. Local revenue increased from 646 million yuan to 2.159 billion yuan and general budget revenue from 294 million yuan to 854 million yuan. Total introduction of large projects nearly 100, agreement to attract nearly 60 billion yuan, more than 12 billion yuan in capital. The total investment in fixed assets was 16.23 billion yuan, 9 billion yuan more than in the previous five years.

‣ Festival

With a long history, Anning City enjoys lots of unique located festivals and activities, such as Dragon Boat Festival, Horse Running festival, Torch Festival.