Anning Shopping

Shopping is an indispensable activity in travel. Tourists can buy any specialties they want here. We list some specialties worth buying in Anning City.

What to Buy?

Anning Speckle Copper

Anning Speckle Copper is come from nonferrous metal kingdom of Yunnan province, which is well known and unique type copper alloy smelt product in the world.

Eight Street Rose

Anning edible rose is a specialty of Anning City, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. Anning edible rose has the characteristics of strong growth potential, long flowering period, colorful flowers, strong aroma, good processing quality and so on.

Anning Red Pear

"Anning Red Pear" has the characteristics of large-sized fruit, sweet and sour, rich juice, thin skin and thick flesh, brilliant skin color, excellent quality, crisp, durable storage and transportation.

Where to Buy?

Lubiao Service Area Yunnan Specialty Supermarket(禄脿服务区云南土特产超市) is located in the junction of 046 Country Road and G56 Hang-Rui Highway.

Anning Lianran Comprehensive Market(安宁连然综合市场) is located in the Lianran Garden of Jinan Alley in Anning City.

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