Walking Marriage Bridge of Mosuo Ethnic People in Lugu Lake, Lijiang

● Chinese Name: 走婚桥(Zou Hun Qiao)
● Keywords: walking marriage,Mosuo People,Azhu,Axia,lover’s house,sing and dancing
● Location: Lugu Lake, at the boundary of Southwest China’s Sichuan province and Yunnan province
● Admission Fee: free
● Opening Hours:8:00~18:00

‣ About Walking Marriage Bridges

Located at the southeastern part of Lugu Lake, Walking Marriage Bridge is the only bridge on the Lake. There are dense reeds, so it is called “Grass sea” among locals.
The Walking Marriage Bridge is where Mosuo people date each other. The Mosuo, who live by Lugu Lake have a unique custom called “walking marriages” which means they never get married.
In the day time, young men and women express affection through dancing or singing if they are interested on someone. If a guy fancies a lady, he will come to her “flower house”, the room of a grown up female in Mosuo, before midnight.
At the bridge, guys are called “Azhu” by their loved ones and ladies are called “Axia” by their loved ones. At night time, visitors can find the walking marriage bridge full of “Azhu” who come to date their loved ones.
Currently, there are two Walking Marriage Bridges. One has a history of nearly 100 years but has decayed. A newer one, just next to the old one, is more than 300 meters long and 80 centimeters higher than the surface of water. It has handrails on both sides.

A brief introduction of  Walking Marriage Bridges

The Walking Marriage Bridge, located in Lugu Lake, at the boundary of Southwest China’s Sichuan province and Yunnan province, is a signature architecture of Lugu Lake that represents the walking marriage culture of the region. It is a must-see attraction if you visit Lugu Lake.
People call Lugu Lake a women’s land. It has the tradition of zouhun – walking marriage – that makes this community marketable as a lakeside love haven. Mosuo people do not formally marry. Rather, they carry a special “walking marriage” custom. A man and a woman can get to know each other by singing love songs or contacting each other in daily life activities. If they fall in love, the woman might give the man a scarf woven by her as a gift. When night falls, the man will visit his lover’s house with a piece of fat meat. When he arrives in front of the woman’s house, he will throw the meat to the dog to eat so that it won’t warn people of his arrival. Then he will go into the woman’s house through the window. Before dawn, the man will leave the woman’s house. If the two still want to keep in touch, the man can come again.
If you come and have a walk on the Walking Marriage Bridge, please remember not to walk to the end of the bridge, because it means that your marriage will come to an end soon.
There are two walking marriage bridges. But one of them has been abandoned and fallen into disrepair. The bridge that tourists visit today is a newly-built wooden bridge spanning 300 meters.

‣ Attraction Transportation

You can take a regular bus in Lijiang Bus Station,needs around 5 hours..

‣ Best Time to Visit

March,April,May,June,September,October and November.Please avoid the rainy season and snowy season.


The road leading to Lugu town is twisted, which easily causes carsickness. Prepare personal medicine if you are easy to motion sickness .