5 Days Haba Snow Mountain Hiking and Climbing Tour with Heihai Black Sea and Lanhuaping Meadow

Haba Snow Mountain stands by the Jinsha River and face to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, 120km southeast of Shangri-La, with its main peak of 5,396m. The attraction of the Sanba Tourist Area is attributed to the towering peaks of the Haba Snow Mountain and its alpine moraine lake, endless tracks of azalea flowers and cluster of waterfalls cascading down snow-covered cliffs.

Located in the southeast of Shangrila Yunnan province, Haba Snow Mountain is 5,396 meters above sea level, facing the Yulong Snow Mountain and acrossing the Tiger Leaping Gorge. “Haba” is the Naxi language, meaning the flower of gold.
To mountaineering enthusiasts, Haba Snow Mountain makes them better acclimatize because of its low latitude, high vegetation coverage and high oxygen among the mountains.
With an 2700 meters altitude difference, you can fully appreciate four-season changes during mountaineering: from virgin forests, to alpine meadows then to the sea of clouds above the summit.
Under good weather conditions, on the way from Base Camp to C1 and the summit, you get a better view of the Aden Moutain (6032m) in the north, Gongga Moutain(7556m) – the king of Shushan in the northeast, and Kawaboge(6740m) – the Meili Snow Mountain in the northwest.


  • Experience the local life and ethnic culture.
  • Appreaciate the booming flowers and charming landscape.
  • Arrive at the Romantic City Lijiang
  • Travel Tiger Leaping Gorge
  • Extreme scenery, unforgettable experience
  • The first snow moutaining climbing experience in life

Brief Itinerary

  • Day 1 Lijiang Tiger Leaping Gorge – Haba Village
  • Day 2 Haba Village-Heihai Black Sea (Lake)
  • Day 3 Black Sea-the Base Camp of Haba Snow Mountain(4200M)
  • Day 4 Base Camp-Summit of Haba Snow Mountain (5396M)-Haba Village
  • Day 5 Haba Village-Lijiang

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Haba Village

Sightseeing and Activities: The First Bend of Yangtze River, Shigu Town, Tiger Leaping Gorge
Accommodation: Qiaotou Town
Meals: Breakfast


From Lijiang, you’ll drive about 60KM to the First Bend on the Yangtze River with imposing gorge scenery, visit the Iron Chain Bridge, the Red Army’s Long March Memorial Monument in the Shigu Old Town. The town of Stone Drum got its name from a large, cylindrical, marble tablet shaped like a drum. The scenery is magnificent as the road running through the Lijiang valley which is filled with wheat fields and drying haystacks.

Visit the Tiger Leaping Gorge(Shangri-La section), the deepest gorge in the world. With 34 rapids of the Yangtze River, it is called the Jinsha in this area because you can find gold in the river.

Stay overnight at Qiaotou Town.

Day 2 Tiger Leaping Gorge – Haba Village – Base Camp

Sightseeing and Activities: Haba Village, Base Camp
Accommodation: Base Camp
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Drive from Qiaotou Town to Haba Village. Today we will embark on a beautiful, but demanding hike from Haba Village (2600m) to the base camp (4100m) of Haba Snow Mountain. The trek is approx 15km and will take around 6-8 hours. We will pass by yak pastures and azalea forests and enjoy a picnic lunch on the way. We will reach the base camp in the afternoon.

–The Haba Mountain, with its main peak being 5,396 meters in height, stands 120 kilometers to the southeast of the seat of Shangri-La. And its domain of 21,908 hectares, covered with a vertical distribution of forests, is rich in wildlife and plant resources. The nature reserve extends 22 kilometers from south to north and 19 kilometers from east to west. About half of the 13,000 kinds of plants in Yunnan could be found in here. The primeval forest serves as the valuable scientific research base. In addition, there are more than 900 varieties of rare medicinal materials, more than 25 species of protect animals at the national grade and about 50 kinds of azalea.

Day 3 Base Camp-Top of Haba-Base Camp

Sightseeing and Activities: Top of Haba Snow Mountain
Accommodation: Base Camp
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Set out in the early morning (4:00am) for the 4km (5 hour) hike to the top of Haba Snow Mountain(5396m), passing over two snowy slopes before reaching the top. It is not a technical trek but requires a lot of energy as the altitude is high and the slopes are long. From the top you will get spectacular views of the Tiger Leaping Gorge 3500 vertical meters below!!! Descend for 3 hours down to the Base Camp for overnight stay.

Day 4 Base Camp-Yellow and Black Lake – Haba Village

Sightseeing and Activities: Base Camp, Yellow and Black Lake, Haba Village
Accommodation: Haba Village
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Enjoy the sunrise over Haba Mountain. Spend the morning doing a circular route of approx. 3-4 hours treking to Black Sea Lake or Heihai(4170 m) in front of the Haba Mountain, through meadows, forests and rivers. In the late afternoon, arrive at Haba Village. Stay at Haba Snow Mountain Hostel.

Day 5 Haba Village – Lijiang

Sightseeing and Activities: Back to Lijiang
Meals: Breakfast

Today, drive back to Lijiang. Service ends.

Recommended Hotels

City 5 Star 4 Star 3 Star Hostel
Qiaotou Town / / / Local Guesthouse
Haba Snow Mountain / / / Camping
Haba Snow Mountain / / / Camping
Haba Village / / / Camping

Service Included:

1. Transportation
A. Pick up and drop off at the airport/train station in Lijiang;
B. Transportation between Lijiang and Haba village, Haba village and Yi village;
C.Horse transportation: carrying the public equipment ,materials and large personal bags during the climbing/trekking, riding down the mountain;
2. Accommodations list above (Hotel and tent sharing by two people) .
Please note: the 6th day accommodation in Lijiang is free.If traveler leaves Lijiang on this day, the accommodation fee will not be refunded.
3. Meals list above;
4. Entrance tickets for Tiger Leaping Gorge, environmental protection fee;
5. Training for ice and snow courses: explanation, demonstration, theoretical courses and technical operation courses;
6. Mountaineering registration fee, climbing certificate fee and various administrative fees by Yunnan Mountaineering Association;
7. Tourists Accident/Casualty Insurance: professional outdoor insurance (insured amount RMB600,000 );
8. Mountaineering leader and English team leader
A. 1: 1 mountaineering leader(one team members with one professional mountaineering leader);
B. English team leader is only provided when travelers over four English speakers
9. Lodging and meal allowance to the Climbing Team leader, trekking leader
10. Public equipment and personal technical equipment

Service Excluded:

1.Any arrival and departure international airfares or train tickets;
2.Chinese visa fees;
3.Excess baggage charged by Airlines;
4.Single room supplement;
5.Tips to guides and drivers;
6.Personal expenses and gratuities to service staff;
7.Personal travel insurance;
8.All optional programs;
9.Domestic air tickets fares with airport tax and fuel extra fee based on economy class mentioned in the program.

Travel Tips:

-Visitors are advised to always carry changes of clothing due to the large variations in temperature between day and night.
-The climate is relatively dry, so drink more water every day.
-Protecting oneself from strong UV radiation at high altitude.
-Protecting oneself from altitude sickness. Lessen the effects of altitude sickness, avoid strenuous exercise and have plenty of rest.
-Respect local customs , habits, and religious beliefs.
-Situated on the northern edge of the tropical zone, Xishuangbanna area is hot, humid and rainy; don’t forget to take an umbrella or a raincoat when go out.
-When take photos, please pay attention to your safety, do not shoot in dangerous areas.

Equipment list
* We will purchase personal accident insurance suitable for this event. All participants are regarded as persons with full capacity for civil conduct. If a personal injury occurs during the event, the liability for compensation shall be settled in accordance with the insurance regulations, legal provisions and

this statement.

* Participants of the course must have a sense of group,teamwork and mutual assistance.

* During the training, follow the course arrangements and safety tips of the mountaineering instructor, Do not take risks without authorization and leave the team without notice.

* In order to ensure to get their important security materials timely, team members need to carry own top-up bags, warm clothing, hot water bottles, road meals, valuables, etc. during the activity.

* Drinking alcohol is prohibited during training

*Practice the LNT law, pay attention to environmental protection, strictly prohibit littering, and bring garbage back to the inn for disposal.

* Respect the customs and habits of local ethnic minorities and get along with the local people in a friendly manner. Avoid conflicts with locals, otherwise you will bear the consequences yourself.

* If you withdraw midway due to personal reasons (such as physical strength, illness, etc.), no fee will be refunded, and the extra expenses incurred need to be afforded by yourself

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