2 Days Luoping Rapeseed Flowers RV Tour

Brief Itinerary

  • Day1 Kunming to Duoyi River(多依河)scenic spot,  Luositian(螺丝田) Rapeseed flower field sunset in Niu Jie(牛街), and DIY BBQ dinner.
  • Day2 Rapeseed flower field sunrise in Jinji Mountain(金鸡峰), Jiulong waterfall(九龙瀑布), Xingyi Kunming.(昆明兴义)
  • Day3 Malinhe Valley (马岭河大峡谷)Scenic Spot, Wanfenglin Scenic Spot(万峰林), arrive in Kunming around 10 pm.

Detail Itinarary

Day 1 Kunming to Luoping 

Arrive in recreational vehicle camp,and learn how to drive RV.

It is 3 hours (227KM) drive from Kunming RV camp to Duoyi River Scenic spot. There is fir forest and tall bamboos on both sides of the river in beautiful colors.

Buyi Nationality is the resident along the river. There are about 40 waterfalls in this area. Ancient water wheels are located where water flow is rapid. Duoyi River’s unique natural feature attracts thousands of tourists.

Then drive to Luositian(螺丝田) Rapeseed flower field in Niu Jie(牛街) to watch sunset.

Drive back to Luopin camp, and DIY BBQ dinner. Sleep in RV beside flower sea.

Day 2 Luoping

In the morning,drive to Jinji Mountain(金鸡峰) to watch sun rise. The rape flower field in Jinji Mountain is ranked in Genius World Record.

In the afternoon, drive to Jiulong waterfall(九龙瀑布群) that located in Jiulong River to the Northeast of Luopin County. The highest waterfall is 60 meters. The local Buyi people call it “Dadieshui”(大叠水) .

Back to kunming. The end of RV tour.

If you have enough time, extension tour could be an option.

Drive to Xingyi City for overnight.(1 hour)

Day 3 Extension tour (Luopin to Xingyi)

Besides mountains, Wanfenglin Scenic spot is featured in flowers among mountains which formed colorful flower seas.  

Climb up the hill by by cable car and see the uniqeu rural scenery. This hill is listed in China top 5 peak forest by China National Geographic Magzine. Featured with Exotic Buyi Nationality, Wanfenglin(万峰林) scenic spot is unforgetable.

In the afternoon, you’ll visit Malinhe (马岭河)Valley Scenic spot which has not been fully developed,and the natural scene caused by parcel alternation can be seen. Stand on the trestle road, you’ll see 13 waterfalls falling from the sky.

Back to Kunming. The end of journey.

650 rmb per car per day.(Car rent is included. Other expenses are excluded)

If interested in other tour,you’re welcome to consult us. Personalized tour is available.

RV introduction

Siac Motor Maxus V80 chassis, Manual automatic transmission

Length: 5990mm       Width:2230mm      Height:3200mm

Fuel: National-V standard diesel    Capacity : 4 pax


Bunk: 2 (Rear bunk 150cm X 210cm, front bunk: 135cm X 210cm)

Bathroom: 100cm X 100cm imported toilet and portable toilet.

Interior and outdoor operating platform, spray faucet, interior and outdoor power plugs, manual outdoor canopy. 

Appliances: air conditioning, 108 L fridge, thermal cycling system,550 AH energy storage(6.7 kilowatt hour when fully charged)

Clean water tank volume: 120 L , 24H hot water shower. Abwasser tank volume:90 L

Luggage compartment : Length: 200cm width: 130X80cm

Other facilities:

Kitchen ware:1 Portable gas stove, 1 wok, 1 rice cooker,1 electric kettle, 1 steamer, and 1 chopping board.

3 Vegetable basin, 1 set of western kitchen knives(meat knife,vegetable knife, fruit knife and bread knife )

Tableware: dishes, bowls, glasses, 1 set of knife, fork, spoon, coffee spoon, and chopsticks.

Bedding: quilts, pillows, sheets( bedding are changeable as guests’ change)

Outdoor folding table 1, folding chair 2-3(4 folding chair will be prepared for 4 people)


RV travel tips:

  1. For RV is taller, wider, bigger and heavier than usual car and SUV, extra attention should be put on pulling over. Be careful of tree branches, eaves, and road signs.
  2. Do not roll on lines. Keep safe braking distance. (It’s usually 1.5 times of car)
  3. Because of the higher RV gravity, slower the speed when making turns.  
  4. Drivers and passengers should comply with traffic regulations.It’s better to have 2 drivers driving in turns to avoid driving when sleepy.
  5. Towel, tooth paste, toothbrush,shower gel, hair shampoo and slippers are not provide on RV. Please prepare them by yourself.
  6. You can shower in the toilet. Please save water.
  7. Travelers have to dispose toilet dirt in toilet on land by themselves.
  8. The water in clean water tank is for personal hygiene and fruit and vegetable cleaning. Concerning health issue, it is not suggested to drink or use it to cook food. It’s better to buy drinking water to drink and cooking food.
  9. The RV is equipped with 110L fridge,and food can be stored.The company is not responsible for food poisoning caused doctor seeing, trip delay, and other related matters.
  10. The RV is equipped with rice cooker, electric kettle, wok, steamer, bowls and chopsticks. Spices will be brought by yourselves.
  11. Bedding are changeableas guests’ change.Please pay attention to hygiene.
  12. The passengers should keep the vehicle clean. Please pay attention to vehicle hygiene.
  13. Safety first. Please stick strict to traffic regulations. Please don’t enter  non-paved road, tourist forbidden zone, military administration area or military forbidden area. The passengers should be responsible for the consequences caused by breaking rules.
  14. Please pay attention : can insurance doesn’t cover traffic accident’s indirect cost.
  15. When car accident happened and the car is out of use,if there is extra RV, the company can arrange vehicle change, but guest will pay for vehicle transportation fee which can be claimed from culprit later. Cost difference should be made up.
  16. If there’s no extra RV, regular vehicle will be arranged to continue the tour or sent travelers back to the camp. The cost will be covered by travelers first and then claimed from culprit through legal procedure.
  17. If the traveler choose to end the tour in advance, the company will return the not occurring ticket and meals fees, but other travel fees will not. In case of discount price, no fees will be returned.
  18. The direct cost of  traffic accidents will be arranged after the loss is determined by the insurance company. It is suggested to let culprit to pay the bill of other loss.
  19. 3000 yuan of Traffic violation deposit should be paid in advance. If there’s no violation of traffic regulation, the deposit will be returned to the original bank card.
  20. 5000 yuan of car damage deposit should be paid in advance. If there is no damage when returning the vehicle, the deposit can be returned on the spot. If there is damage, the deposit will be returned after deducted damage fee according to damage assessment.