Tiger Leaping Gorge – Niru Village Transportation: By Bus & Car-rental

Niru is a beautiful land that boasts a wide variety of different ecosystems, including meadows, forests and lakes, which is located in the northeast of Shangri-la, 75 kilometers from the city. Both Tiger Leaping Gorge and Niru Village are ideal destinations for whom love hiking. From Tiger Leaping Gorge, there are several ways of getting to Niru Village.

How to Get to Niru Village from Tiger Leaping Gorge?

By Bus

From Middle Tiger Gorge:
There is one daily bus departing from Tina’s Guest House at 15:00 to Shangrila. At Shangrila Bus Station, there is only one daily shuttle bus to Luoji Township departing at 15:10. You can take the shuttle bus of next day or directly rent a car to Miru village. When you arrive in Luoji Township, you can charter a car to Niru Village at the price of 150-200 yuan (for reference only). 

From Upper Tiger Gorge
Tourists can take the bus running from Lijiang to Shangrila and then transfer to Niru Village from Shangrila. 

Shangri-La – Lijiang Schedules:

Departure Station Arrival Station Departure Time
Lijiang Bus Terminal(丽江客运站) Shangri-La Bus Tus Terminal 07:30, 08:10, 08:50, 09:30, 10:00, 10:40, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30,13:00, 13:30, 14:00, 14:30, 15:00, 15:30, 16:00, 17:10, 16:30
Shuhe Ancient Town(束河古镇) Dukezong Ancient Town 08:00
North Gate of Lijiang Ancient Town Dukezong Ancient Town 08:15
South Gate of Lijiang Ancient Town Dukezong Ancient Town 08:25

From Hutiaoxia Town(虎跳峡镇):
At Hutiaoxia town, there are also shuttle bus departing to Shangrila city, or tourists can take the bus running from Lijiang to Shangrila. Then transfer to Niru village.

From Baishuitai(白水台): 
There is a daily bus running between Tiger Leaping Gorge and Baishuitai at a price of 55 RMB. It departs at 12:00. Tickets can be purchased at Tina’s Guest House or Tibet Guest House. Then transfer another bus heading to Shangrila city and get off at Pudacuo National Park. Rent a car or hike to Niru Village which is a popular hike route from Pudacuo to Niru Village.

By Car-rental

Renting a car is suitable for a flexible and comfortable way. It is better for you to rent a car with an experienced driver and a tour guide if you are foreign travelers. The driver of chartering car can stop for you to enjoy the scenery and take photos. Yunnan Exploration Travel can provide car-rental service, please contact us. Email: contact@YunnanExploration.com; Tel: +86-871-63511469.

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