Kunming Public Bus and Bus Routes

Kunming has an extensive modern cheap and convenient bus network with busses on busy routes arriving every four to five minutes, servicing virtually all destinations in the city. It takes one or two yuan to take buses in the urban district of Kunming. Generally the early buses start at 6:00-6:30, the last buses at 22:00-22:30.

线路名 时间 始发站 终到站 票价 途径站点
K1 6:30→21:30 经开区车场 南屏街东口 2元 (起始站) 、经开区车场、昌宏路口(贵昆路)、牛街庄、朱家村(贵昆路)、彩云北路口(贵昆路)、朱家村(彩云北路)、关上(彩云北路)、菊花村(东郊路)、东站(环城东路)、省体育馆、东风广场(东风东路)、护国桥、南屏街东口、 (终到站)