1 Day Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Hiking Tour from Yuhu Village to Ganheba Valley

1-Day Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Hiking Tour
—”I want to die among those beautiful mountains rather than in a bleak hospital bed all alone.”

America explorer Joseph Rock said this in a letter to his friend to express his endless love for Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

In this one-day Jade Dragon Snow Mountain hiking tour, you will skip the cable car and find yourself walking in Rock’s footsteps in the embrace of his favorite mountain. Feel Yulong Mountain with your feet and see its beauty with you own eyes. There are several hiking routes up to the mountain. We are happy to recommend the right one according to your interests.

Transfer to Wenhua Village in Baisha Town in the morning, start the hiking tour of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.
Arrive at Yuhu Village and pay a visit to Joseph Rock’s Former Residence and Musuem; Hike to Yuhu Lake (Goddess Lake), where you will have a nice view of Yuhu Lake and the reflection of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.
After 2.5 hours hiking, arrive at Ganheba Valley which is divided by a slidesand slope with Ganhaizi Meadow in the other side.
Enjoy the fantestic view of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain from Ganheba Valley, trek back to Yuhu Village in the afternoon.

Tour ‘Wow’ Points
Discover the Hidden Valley of the ‘Milk River’ and ‘Snow Sea’
Skipping the cable car and tourist crowd, you will hike through the bushes, wade across a little stream, lie down on an alpine meadow, and enjoy the exclusive views of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain that only hikers can.

Hear the Adventure Stories of Joseph Rock in Context
Visit ground-breaking explorer Joseph Rock’s former residence in Yuhu Village. Listen to stories about him and the Naxi people who he studied. Time-travel back to Yunnan of the 1920s as you see the pictures taken by Rock.