Menghuan Golden Pagoda in Mangshi City, Dehong

Why is Menghuan Golden Pagoda So Special

It’s the best place to have a bird-eye view of Mangshi and those picturesque Dai villages around. Being 73 meters high, the pagoda is a three-storied octagonal but hollow one. The ground floor is the most impressive. With an area of 2,000 square meters, it’s spacious enough for nearly 2,000 pilgrims to pray at the same time. Enshrining in the hall are mainly Buddhist figures, such as Sakyamuni in the east, Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy) in the south, Medicine Buddha in the west, and Maitreya (the Future Buddha) in the north, etc. all of which are made from Myanmar white marble to present grandeur and magnificence.  Menghuan Golden Pagoda was started from June 30, 2004 and completed in June, 2007. The whole frame is eight-square hollow pagoda, opened with four gates. In the middle of the audience hall, circling the peak columns is four statues of Buddha made by natural white marble. The Menghuan Golden Pagoda is the first golden pagoda in China and the first hollow pagoda in Asia.

Where is Menghuan Golden Pagoda-Location

Menghuan Golden Pagoda is located at Leiyarang Mountain in the southeast of Luxi City(Mangshi), the capital city of Dehong Prefecture.

How to Get Menghuan Golden Pagoda

Visitors shall come to the foot of the Leiyarang Mountain by taxi, then get to the top of the Leiyarang Mountain on foot.

Best Time to Go

The best time to visit Menghuan Silver Pagoda is from October to April of following year.

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Menghuan Silver Pagoda
he Menghuan Silver Pagoda is located on the top of Leiyarang Mountain, southeast of Mangshi, at an altitude of 1,079.6 meters.Legend has it that “Sakyamuni” lived here when he was reincarnate as a golden pheasant. After hundreds of years the Nirvana of the Sakyamuni, in order to spread the doctrines of Buddhism, his disciples “Zhaohanda” made practices in the mountain. In order to make a better environment to make practices for “Zhaohanda”, all the weeds and the thorns get out of the way, so it is called the Leiyarang Mountain, which means the place where the weeds get out of the way. Later, a pagoda was built in this mountain. It has been recognized as one of the Buddhist holy places since ancient times.

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Useful Travel Tips

  • Tourists are not allowed to touch the statues of Buddhas to show your respect.