Mile Dining

There are some local specialties you must taste when you are traveling in Mile. In this part, we will introduce some local specialties and where you can get them in Mile City. 

What to Eat in Mile City

1. Mile Spiced Chicken卤鸡

Mile Spiced Chicken is a delicacy, its main ingredient is local chicken. As the classic representative of Mile rice noddle,  Mile spiced chicken with perfect combination of color, aroma, taste and shape, has become synonymous with Mile and attracted many tourists. There are more than 10 spiced chicken stores like Shen Weiguo沈卫国 Spiced Chicken Shop, Zhang Yanli张延理 Spiced Chicken Rice Noodle, Spiced Chicken of Ma Family and so on.

2. Crispy Meat酥肉

Crispy Meat is a famous traditional dish. It is mainly chicken and pork with golden color, crispy and tender taste. Like spiced chicken rice noddle, crispy meat noddle is also popular in Mile.

3. Rice Noddle Salad凉米线

Rice Noddle Salad is the necessity of summer. A delicious rice noddle is dressing with fried peanuts, fried mushroom, pickled radish, sour and cool soup, as well as oil chilli. It is tasty and refreshing.

4. Pumpkin Rice南瓜饭

The fall harvest season when pumpkins are ripen, in remote villages, in order to save time, Axi people of Yi minority often stew a pumpkin as a meal. Axi people love pumpkin rice very much.

Where to Eat in Mile City

1. Shuiyunjian Restaurant弥勒湖泉酒店水云间餐厅

Address: 008 Township Road, Mile City(near Huquan Ecological Garden)弥勒市008乡道

2. Mile Traditional Specialty弥勒传统菜

Address: No.32, in the Middle of Renmin Road, Mile City弥勒市人民路中段32号

Tel: 0873-6221488

3. Shen Weiguo Spiced Chicken沈卫国卤鸡店

Address: In the Middle of Wenquan Road, Mile City弥勒县温泉路中段

Tel: 0873-3020703

4. Mile Story弥勒故事

Address: Zhongshan Road, Mile City弥勒县中山路

Tel: 0873-6199288

More Restaurants in Mile City

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