Mile Shopping

Mile is famous as hometown of highland grape and its Yunnan Red Wine. Mile shopping includes what local specialty you can buy and Where you can buy these specialties in Mile. If you travel around Mile, do not forget to buy some local specialties as souvenirs.

What to Buy in Mile 

1. Mile Grape

In 1960s, Mile began the cultivation of grape. Due to unique climate, soil and other geographical conditions, the variety of Mile grape was optimized, showing the features of strong adaptability, disease resistance, early mature, high quality, high yield and high efficiency. "Yunnan Red" is made from the grape grown in Mile city.

2. Bamboo Weaving and Bamboo Insert

Bamboo insert technology is innovated from ancient bamboo weaving art. There are more than 120 kinds of Bamboo insert crafts including birdcage, lampshade, hand basket, newspaper shelf, bamboo carving and so on.

3. Preserves蜜饯

Hongxi preserve has experienced the history for hundreds of years. With golden color, sweet taste, fine & smooth mouth feeling, crystal clear appearance, Mile preserve became one of the most popular specialties, delicious and beautifying skin.

4. Fermented Soya Bean

The main ingredient of fermented soya bean is high-quality soya bean, after washing, soaking and cooking, it is fermented and dried, then pickled with seasonings. Two months later, fermented soya bean is finished. It becomes the indispensable dish on the table in Mile because of unique flavor.

5. Ethnic costume

There are 26 ethnic minorities in Yunnan, each minority has its own costume. Yi minority is main minority group in Mile, Yi's costume have a unique style.

6. Honey

Honey in Mile is of high quality, pure and pollution-free. It is not merely good for health, but good for figure.

Where to Buy in Mile

1. Zhenxing Shopping Mall振兴购物广场

Address: No.98, Ranweng Road, Mile City弥勒市髯翁路98号

Tel: 0873-6130999 

2. Longqian Shopping Mall龙乾商贸城

Address: No.54, Ranweng Road, Mile City弥勒市髯翁路54号

3. Hongfeng Commercial City鸿丰商业城

Address: No.121. Tuobai Road, Mile City弥勒市拖白路121号

4. Focheng Commerce City New Farmer's Market佛城商都新型农贸市场

Address: The Crossroad of Taiping Road and Tuobai Road, Mile City弥勒市太平路与拖白路交叉口

Tel: 0873-6283777

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