Mile Culture

Mile City is dominated by Han nationality and ethnic minorities make up 43.9% of the whole population. The minorities also formed the unique ethnic customs of Mile. This part will introduce Mile ethnic culture.

1. Ethnic Groups

Mile City is inhabited by Han, Yi, Dai, Miao, Hui, Zhuang and other ethnic minorities, among which Han nationality is 56.1% of the total population and minorities account for 43.9% of total population.

2. Traditional Ethnic Villages

Lanniqing Village烂泥箐村 of Xiyi Town in Mile City, Honghe 

Hongwan Village红万村 of Xiyi Town in Mile County, Honghe

Nihei Village腻黑村 of Xisan Town in Mile City, Honghe

Xiagaodian Village下高甸村 of Xunjiansi Town in Mile City, Honghe 

Keyi Yi Ethnic Village可邑彝族村 of Xisan Town in Mile County, Honghe

3. Ethnic Festivals

The ethnic minorities in Mile, such as, Yi, Dai, Miao, Hui and zhuang, has a long history and splendid ethnic culture with strong ethnic customs. Yi people's Torch Festival, Dragon Worship Festival, Axi Tiaoyue Dance Festival and Fire Worship Festival, Miao people's Huashan Festival, Dai people's Water-Splashing Festival all present local unique custom and culture.