Mile Overview

Mile overview is a relatively comprehensive introduction of Mile City. In this part, you will have a general understanding of Mile.

Basic Information

• Full Name: Mile

• Chinese Name: 弥勒市

• Keywords: Hometown of Highland Grape

• Location: Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China

• Area: 4004 square kilometers

• Population: 527767

• Zip Code: 652399

• Area Code: 0873

Geographical  Location

Mile is located in the southeast of Yunnan Province, the north of Honghe Autonomous Prefecture. Geographic coordinate is between 103°04′-103°49′ east longitude and 23°50′-24°39′ north latitude. It borders Shilin County in the north, Kaiyuan City in the south, Qiubei County of Wenshan prefecture in the east Huaning County of Yuxi City in the west. Located on the junction of three cities, Kunming, Gejiu and Kaiyuan, as well as two ecnomical zones, middle Yunnan and south Yunnan, Mile is the north gate of Honghe prefecture. The city is 78 kilometers from south to north, 50 kilometers from west to east, covering an area of 4004 square kilometers.

Mile is mountainous in the east and west, high in the north and low in the middle and south. The highest altitude is 2315 meters at Jinding Mountain金顶山 in Dongshan Town, and the lowest is 870 meters at the valley of Jiangbian Township江边河谷.


Mile is located in subtropical monsoon climate area. In 2012, annual rainfall was 835.4 mm, average temperature was 18.8℃, the maximum temperature was 34.8℃ and the minimum was -0.2℃. Sunshine duration in Mile was 2131.4 hours, and the frost-free period of 323 days. Mile Climate is with the features of abundant sunshine, long effective temperature period and short frost days.

The Best Time to Visit Mile

The rainy season in Honghe prefecture is mainly from may to October, and from late November to January and February of the following year is the frost period. Therefore, tour in Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture should avoid the summer and autumn of raining and hot during the same period. The best time to visit Mile is March to April and September to November, when the sunshine is mild and the rainfall is less.

Administrative Divisions

In 2012, Mile city administers 10 towns and 2 townships. Miyang Town弥阳镇、Xinshao Town新哨镇、Zhuyuan Town竹园镇、Pengpu Town朋普镇、Hongxi Town虹溪镇、Xunjiansi Town巡检司镇、Xiyi Town西一镇、Xier Town西二镇、Xisan Town西三镇、Dongshan Town东山镇、Wushan Town五山乡、Jiangbian Town江边乡.

Ethnic Groups

Mile is inhabited by the Han, Yi, Dai, Miao, Hui, Zhuang and other ethnic groups. Among them, Han nationality is 56.1% of the total population, minorities are 43.9% of the total population.

Top Attractions

There are attractions in Mile including Bailongdong Cave Scenic Spot, Jinping Mountain Scenic Spot, Huquan Ecological Garden, Taiping Lake Forest Park, Yunnan Red Wine Villa and Former Residence of Xiong Qinglai, etc. In addition, if you are interested in mosques of Yunnan, Mile Could be a good choice for you. There are many mosques like Zhuyuan mosque, Xiaozhai mosque, Wanjiazhuang mosque, Hongshagou mosque and so on.


You have two ways to get in Mile, long-distance bus and train. Non-stop long-distance buses and trains are available, there is railway station, Mile Station. Besides, Mile airport is under plan and construction.

Recommended Hotels in Mile

1. Huquan Hotel湖泉酒店

Address: Wenquan Road, Mile City弥勒市温泉路

Tel: 0873-6388877

Starting Price: 479 CNY

2. Huquan Bund Hotel湖泉外滩酒店

Address: South Lianhua Road, Miyang Town, Mile City弥勒市弥阳镇莲花路南段

Tel: 0873-3023555

Starting price: 202 CNY


Mile has a very long history. We will list a part of its history.

The record of Mile City began in West Han Dynasty. In 1953, Mile Yi Autonomous County was set up, which was under the administration of Yiliang Administrative Region宜良专区. In July, 1954, Mile County was under the jurisdiction of Mengzi Administrative Region蒙自专区. In 1957, Mile county belonged to the newly established Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture. In March, 2013, with the approval of the State Council, Mile County was revoked and Mile City was established.

More History and Culture in Mile.