Wanding Museum in Ruili City, Dehong

Why is Wanding Museum So Special

In Wanding, Yunnan, as the border of China-Myanmar, there is a museum for antique cars, which collects more than a hundred of “Jeeps of Second World War”. It is the same as the most famous local Wanding Bridge, which tells that period of war years to the later generations.

There are 227 world-class antique cars in the museum, in which, there are 105 American Jeeps, which are most eye-catching. The army green jeeps are lined up, which are magnificent. There are many well-maintained vehicles, which can be practicable now.

The Wanding Border Cultural Garden was established at the end of the Yunnan-Burma Road, also built China-Burma Friendship Memorial Hall, China-Burma Boundary Memorial Hall and World  border culture park was established at the end of the Burma Road, and also created the China-Myanmar Friendship Memorial Hall, the Sino-Myanmar Boundary Memorial Hall, and so on. It reproduces the legendary role that Wanding has played as a jewel on the border as the carrier of the museum.

Where is Wanding Museum

It is located at the end of the Yunnan-Burma Road.

How to Get Wanding Museum

After arriving in Ruili City, car rental and self-driving are the best way to get to Wanding Museum, which takes about 40 minutes.


The 105 American Jeeps collected by Wanding Border Cultural Garden have a special meaning. After the completion of the Stilwell Highway, the US road construction expert General Pique led a team from the border crossing of the Wanding Bridge in Myanmar, including 105 Willis American Jeeps. In addition, the Chinese Expeditionary Forces’ allies in the West of Yunnan Province in the war against the Japanese out of the country, also called 105 Ma, and joined with the Allied forces in India.

The purpose of the usage of 105 is to hope that everyone can remember that Wangding was the base camp for the Anti-Japanese War in western Yunnan, and that China’s 100,000 expeditionary forces fought in the anti-Japanese War from Wanding to Burma.

In the Second World War, the US Jeep once supported the Chinese anti-Japanese war with the US Air Force “Flying Tigers”. General Stilwell used the American Jeep to command the Chinese Expeditionary Force to fight against the Japanese in Myanmar. The important role of the American Jeep in the Second World War at first glance reminds you of the period of war years.

Best Time to Visit

Wanding Museum in Ruili City, Dehong

It is suitable to visit Wanding Museum at any time.

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