Luxi County

Luxi County Overview

Chinese Name: 泸西县 English IPA: Luxi County Location: Southeast of Yunnan Province Population (city): 440500 Language: Yunnan Dialect and Mandarin Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Luxi county(泸西县) is under the jurisdiction of Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan province, which is located in the southeast of Yunnan province and north of Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous prefecture. Its geographic coordinates is east longitude 103 ° 30 ‘- 104 ° 03’, north latitude 24 ° 15 ‘- 24 ° 46’. It borders Shizong County in northeast, faces Qiubei County in the southeast, adjoins Mile City in the southwest and connects Lunan County and Luliang County in the northwest. Luxi county is 166 kilometers away from Kunming city, 178 kilometers from Mengzi city. Luxi county is located at the upstream of Pearl River Basin, its terrain is high in the east and low in the southwest. Loacted on the low-latitude plateau, the vertical distribution of heat in Luxi county is distinct.

Highlights of Luxi County

1. Ethnic Minorities: There are 5 minorities living in Luxi County for generations, Yi, Hui, Dai, Zhuang and Miao. They formed unique ethnic customs and festivals.

2. Popular Attractions: Attractions like Alu Cave, Chengzi Ancient Village and Baishuitang Reservoir are popular in Luxi County.

3. Mosques: Luxi County is famous for its mosques, including Luxi Mosque, Dazhiyi Mosque, Jumo Mosque, Heluo Mosque, Yale Mosque and Weimin Mosque, etc.

Other Destinations in Luxi County

    Luxi County Attractions

    Attractions in Luxi County are the combination of natural landscapes and cultural landscapes. Tourists can not only enjoy natural scenery like Alu Cave, Zhongxiushan Mountain Park, Bayberry Mountain, Ala Lake, Baishuitang Reservoir and Huangcaozhou National Wetland Park, but also experience Chinese history in Luxi Confucious Temple and Guang Yu Temple. With beautiful scenery and pleasant weather, it is an ideal place for tourism. Besides, there are some traditional ethnic villages where tourists can explore the local ethnic culture and many mosques where travelers [...]

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    Luxi County Tours

    Luxi County Tours are usually combined with the hot destinations such as Jianshui and Yuanyang. There are Yi, Hui, Dai, Zhuang and Miao, 6 ethnic groups living in Luxi County. Among them, minority population is 15.48% of Total population. In addition, there are various mosques, natural scenery and ethnic villages in Luxi County. Therefore, our Luxi County tour packages are involved in ethnic culture and mosques. Various tourism themes can be chosen in Luxi County tours, such as ethnic minority discovery tour, mosque [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Climate & When to Go, Luxi County , China Climate & When to Go

    Luxi County Lies on low-latitude plateau, the vertical distribution of heat is distinct. Luxi County belongs to north subtropical monsoon climate zone. However, because of complex terrain, in fact, it is a three-dimensional climate type that subtropical and temperate zone coexist. 1. Climate Feature Generally speaking, climate feature in Luxi County is clear wet and dry season, rainy in summer and dry in winter. Annual temperature difference is large. Temperature in summer is not too high, but in autumn, it is vulnerable [...]

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    Transportation, Luxi County , China Transportation

    In 2016, the mileage of Luxi County opened to traffic at the end of the year was 2206 kilometers; The freight volume is 5.77 million tons, and the freight turnover is 511.43 million tons. With 4.97 million passengers and 254.2 million kilometers of passenger traffic. The Lumi(Luxi-Mile phase I) expressway is open to traffic, and construction of the Shilu, Zhaolu and Lumi (phase II) expressway begins. How to Get in Luxi County You have two ways to get in Luxi County, long-distance [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    Luxi county is dominated by Han nationality and ethnic minorities make up 15.48% of the whole population. There are Han, Yi, Hui, Dai, Zhuang, Miao, 6 ethnic groups living in Luxi County for generations. Each ethnic group in Luxi County created its own festivals. Here below are some festivals in Luxi County. 1. Duanwu Festival of Zhuang Ethnic Minority端午节 In the first Pig day of the 6th lunar month, Zhuang people in Fayi village, Yongning township, Luxi county, celebrate the annual Duanwu festival or [...]

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    Travel Tips

    Luxi County travel tips provide some considerations when traveling in Luxi County, which can help you to prepare a trip. Useful Numbers Fire: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance: 120 Postal Code: 652400 Tourist Service: 12301 Weather Forecast: 121 Area Code: 0873(+86) Consumer Complaint: 12315 Telephone Number Inquiry: 114 Tourist Complaint: 0873-6621508 Post Offices 1. China Post Office中国邮政 Address: No.7, Huangcheng West Road, Luxi County泸西县环城西路7号 Tel: 0873-6621986 2. Wujiepu Branch of China Post Office中国邮政午街铺支局 Address: No.19, Xinjie Street, Wujiepu Town午街铺镇新街19号 Tel: 0873-6981005 Tip: There are a lot of express service points in China, you don't have to post office. Express service in China includes SF Express, [...]

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    Useful Maps

    If we go to somewhere new, maps are good support for us. In order to show you clear direction and location, Luxi Maps provide you some useful maps like Luxi County Region Map, Luxi County Tourist Attraction Map, Luxi County Transportation Map, Luxi County Location Map, etc. through which you can probably know how to get to Luxi County and what to discover there. [...]

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    Luxi County Accommodation

    Alu Cave and Chengzi Ancient Village in Luxi County have attracted many tourists to travel, and Luxi county is just 2.5 hours driving from Kunming. In Luxi County, finding a favorable hotel to stay is not a problem as Luxi County hotels are ranging from luxury hotels to the budget hostels. In this part, we list the following hotels with different price points. We guarantee you a secure and efficient reservation of hotels with the affordable price in Luxi County. For detailed hotels [...]

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