Luxi County Culture

Luxi county is dominated by Han nationality and ethnic minorities make up 15.48% of the whole population. The minorities also formed the unique ethnic customs of Luxi County. This part introduces you Luxi County ethnic culture.

Ethnic Groups

In 2016, ethnic minority population in Luxi County is 68,200, taking up 15.48% of total population. There are Han, Yi, Hui, Dai, Zhuang, Miao, 6 ethnic groups living in Luxi County for generations.

Traditional Ethnic Villages

Jiale Village嘉乐村 of Jinma Town in Luxi County, Honghe

Xiaohongxing Village小红杏村 of Baishui Town in Luxi County, Honghe 

Puze Village普泽村 of Wujiepu Town in Luxi County, Honghe 

Xiaoshama Village小沙马村 of Xiangyang Township in Luxi County, Honghe 

DaAding Village大阿定村 of Santang Township in Luxi County, Honghe 

Shanse Village山色村 of Xiangyang Township in Luxi County, Honghe 

Chengzi Ancient Village城子古村 in Luxi County, Honghe

Ethnic Customs

1. Yi Minority

Yi minority is the indigenous peoples living in Luxi County. There are three Yi branches, Hei Yi黑彝, Bai Yi白彝 and Axi阿细. They have 6 kinds of dialect. Yi people have faith in multiple gods ad believe in Yin and Yang. The main deities they worship are Mountain and Forest God, Hunting God, Five Cereals God, Ancestor Cave and Fire God. Every village has their own "Mizhilin密枝林" or "Longshu Tree(dragon tree)".

2. Hui Minority

In Ming dynasty, Hui people in Luxi got into Yunnan following Mu Ying(沐英). His descendant moved to Quelishu Villages in Luxi County. They are mainly distributed in Taoyuan, Jumu, Dahongxing Village, Xiaohongxing Village, Songchidi, Xiaohe and Quelishu Villages, etc, in Baishui Town. Daily costume of Hui is similar to Han nationality, but religious circles should respect the rules, such as when worshiping and chanting, men should wear white hat and women should wear endshield.

3. Miao minority

Today's Miao people in Luxi County mostly moved from Guizhou Province in Ming Dynasty. They are mainly distributed in Xiaojiang, Adan, Xibozi village in Yongning Township, Shigunzi village in Wujiepu Town, as well as Tuole, Bainitang and Xinzhuangke village in Xiangyang Township. Worship of natural gods and ancestral spirits are prevalent among the miao people. When suffering natural disasters like wind, rain and thunder disasters, Miao people burn Yellow wax strip to sacrifice ghost. Every year after Autume, they hold a grand ancestor worship ceremony.

4. Zhuang Minority

Today's Zhuang People in Luxi County mostly are the descendants of Shaqiu moved from Wenshan and Mengzi. They are mainly distributed in Fayida, Xiaozhongzhai village, Shuitou, Xiaoxinzhai village, XiaoAe village in Yongning Township and Yinkan village in Xiangyang Township. Zhuang people have faith in multiple gods like Bronze Drum God, Dragon God, Gongdimu God公地母神 and Heaven God.

5. Dai Minority

Today's Dai people in Luxi County mostly moved from Yongchang and Kainan in Nanzhao and Dali kingdom. They live in Dazulu, Xiaozulu, Xinzhai, Tuanshan and Dahuguo, etc, villages. Dai people believe in many gods like Dragon God, Mountain God, Field God and Kitchen God, etc.