Chengzi Ancient Village in Luxi County, Honghe

Chinese Name: 泸西城子古村
English Name: Chengzi Ancient Village in Luxi County, Honghe

Chengzi Ancient Village in Luxi County, Honghe

Location: 红河哈尼族彝族自治州泸西县永宁乡城子村
The Chnegzi Village is located in the southern part of the Yongning Township, 20 kilometers from the seat of the Luxi County. The ancient village is on the slope on the Feifeng Hill which is 200 meters high. To the east of the village is the Longpan Hill. To its west are the Yuping Hill and Bijia Hill. To its north is the Furong Hill (Murong Hill). Behind it is the Jinding Hill. The village has more than 600 ancient folk houses which are already more than 300 years old. 

The appearances of the ancient folk houses of the village have Yi nationality characters, but their inside structures have Han nationality characters. According to the Records of the Luxi County, the Yi people currently living in the Yongning Township came from the reaches of the Jinsha River mostly, and at that time, the Chengzi Village was the home of the Baishao Tribe of the Yi nationality. That’s why the houses have both the Yi and Han characters. 

The ancient folk houses of the village are mainly made of local lumbers (mainly solid and tight chestnut lumbers) and clay (honeycomb clay). The walls are made of thick lumbers and clay. The roofs are flat and usually have three layers of the inside beam layer, middle straw layer and outside solid clay layer. The houses were usually built in groups relying on hills and connect with each other.

How to get to Chengzi Ancient Village.

As there is no direct transportations to Chengzi Ancient Village, we provide you with several means of transport to its transfer station-Luxi County. Once you arrived at Luxi, you can take a minibus to Yongning Town (about 23km/40min/10yuan) and then transfer another minibus to Chengzi Ancient Village (about 3km/6min/3yuan).

So, here is how to get to the transfer stationLuxi County.

From Kunming: take a bus from Kunming East Bus Passenger Station (about 166km/3hrs/47yuan)
From Kaiyuan: take a bus from Kaiyuan Bus Passenger Station (about 137km/2hrs/29yuan)
From Qujing: take a bus from Qujing High Speed Bus Station (about 135km/2.5hrs/38yuan)
From Qiubei: take a bus from Quibei Bus Passenger Station (about 204km/3.5hrs/45yuan)
From Luliang: take a bus from Luliang Bus Passenger Station (about 76km/1.5hrs/16yuan)
From Mengzi: take a bus from Mengzi Bus Passenger Station (about 176km/3hrs/41yuan)

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