Luxi County Dining

Due to the difference of ethnic minorities and territories, there come the different diet customs and the colorful and distinctive regional cuisines. Luxi County dining includes some local flavors, which can leave you a unforgettable memory.

What to Eat in Luxi County

1. Luxi Roasting Potatoes

When it comes to Luxi cate, what we have to say is roasting potato. Luxi roasting potato is famous in Yunnan, and many people are attracted by its reputation. The biggest reason must be its dozens of dipping sauces, you can collocate them as you want. Yunnan people can eat potato every day. The ways to eat potatoes are various, roasting, boiling, making pancake, frying and so on. In Yunnan, potato can be seen everywhere, but Luxi potatoes are extremely delicious. Roasting potatoes at the gate of Alu cave scenic spot are most familiar to people. Every year, potato festival is celebrated there.

2. Kangbaoyuan康宝元

Kangbaoyuan is the most well-known cool product in Luxi County. This unique taste was created by Kangbaoyuan, therefore, Luxi people named this diet after his name. This diet includes rice noddle salad, fried poeder salad, noodle salad and so on. They are sour and kind of sweet.

3. Buckwheat Pancake荞粑粑

Luxi tartary buckwheat is suitable for growing in Santang township三塘乡 and Xiangyang township向阳乡 where are with high altitude. Annual crop with low yield. Therefore, it is popular in Luxi and is made into various foods. Buckwheat pancake is one of them.

4. Bamboo Weaving Duck竹编鸭

Bamboo weaving duck is one of the most distinctive snacks of Hui minority, its main ingredients are duck and bamboo weaving basket. It got the name because of the making method. During the making process, a whole duck are put into the bamboo weaving basket and cooking. Bamboo weaving duck is perfect combination of color, aroma and taste, it is the delicacy for treating friends and guests.

Where to Eat in Luxi County

1. Kangbaoyuan Cool Product康宝元凉品

Address: No.61, Jiuhua Road, Luxi County 泸西县九华路61号

Tel: 13466289937

2. Shihuixuan Restaurant食惠轩

Address: Alu Avenue, Luxi County泸西县阿泸大街

Tel: 0873-6691999

3. Maxiaoli Halal Restaurant马小礼清真饭店

Address: Alu Avenue, Luxi County泸西县阿泸大街

Tel: 13769345085

4. Tian Fang Ye Tan Tea Restaurant天方夜谈茶餐厅

Address: The Middle of Jiuhua Road, Luxi County泸西县九华路中段

Tel: 0873-6623798

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