Luxi County Overview

Luxi County overview is a relatively comprehensive introduction to Luxi County. In this part, you will have a general understanding of Luxi County.

Basic Information

• Full Name: Luxi County

• Chinese Name: 泸西县

• Keywords: Alu Ancient Cave and Chengzi Ancient Village

• Location: Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China

• Area: 1674 square kilometers

• Population: 440,500

• Zip Code: 652400

• Area Code: 0873

Geographical location

Luxi county(泸西县) is located in the southeast of Yunnan province and north of Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous prefecture. Its geographic coordinates is east longitude 103 ° 30 ‘- 104 ° 03’, north latitude 24 ° 15 ‘- 24 ° 46’. It borders Shizong County in northeast, faces Qiubei County in the southeast, adjoins Mile City in the southwest and connects Lunan County and Luliang County in the northwest. Luxi county is 166 kilometers away from Kunming city, 178 kilometers from Mengzi city, 176 kilometers from Qujing city, 235 kilometers from Wenshan prefecture and 182 kilometers from Zunyi city of Guizhou Province.

Luxi county is located at the upstream of Pearl River Basin, its terrain is high in the east and low in the southwest. The county's topography fluctuates greatly, the highest point at Lao Zuo Fen Qing, 2459 meters above sea level; The lowest point is at the small river mouth of Nanpanjiang river, with an elevation of 820 meters and a height difference of 1,639 meters. The altitude of county seat is 1710 meters. Luxi County is 54 kilometers from east to west, 54.75 kilometers from south to north, with a total area of 1674 square kilometers. Among them, basin area accounts for 17%, mountain area is 48.3% and hill area is 34.7%.


Luxi County Lies on low-latitude plateau, the vertical distribution of heat is distinct. Luxi County belongs to north subtropical monsoon climate zone. However, because of complex terrain, in fact, it is a three-dimensional climate type that subtropical and temperate zone coexist. Generally speaking, climate feature in Luxi County is clear wet and dry season, rainy in summer and dry in winter. Annual temperature difference is large. Temperature in summer is not too high, but in autumn, it is vulnerable to suffer low temperature and cold damage.

The Best Time to Visit

Enjoying the subtropical monsoon climate, tour is available all the year round in Luxi County. However, in order to avoid the moist and hot summer, the best time to travel is March to April and September to December. In winter, with clear and temperate weather, tourists can go to Yuanyang and pay a visit to Hani rice terrace. 

Administrative division

Until 2016, Luxi County has jurisdiction over 5 towns and 3 townships, including Zhongshu Town(中枢镇)、Jinma Town( 金马镇)、Jiucheng Town (旧城镇)、Wujiepu Town (午街铺镇)、Baishui Town( 白水镇), Xiangyang Township( 向阳乡)、 Santang Township(三塘乡)、Yongning Township(永宁乡).  

Ethnic Groups

In 2016, ethnic minority population in Luxi County is 68,200, taking up 15.48% of total population. There are Han, Yi, Hui, Dai, Zhuang, Miao, 6 ethnic groups living in Luxi County for generations.

Things to Do

There are famous attractions, Alu Ancient Cave and Chengzi Ancient Village, in Luxi County. Other attractions include Zhongxiushan Mountain Park, Bayberry Mountain, Ala Lake, Baishuitang Reservoir and Huangcaozhou National Wetland Park, etc. In addition, if you are interested in mosques of Yunnan, Luxi County must be a good choice for you. There are many mosques in all size like Luxi mosque, Dazhiyi mosque, Jumo mosque, Heluo mosque and so on.


You have two ways to get in Luxi County, long-distance bus and train. Non-stop long-distance buses are available, but non-stop train is not available since there are no railway station. If you want to take train, you should transfer in Mile City. Besides, Mile airport is under plan and construction.

Recommended Hotels

1. Huangchao Hotel泸西皇朝大酒店

Address: The Junction of Yingbin Road, Alu Street and Jiuhua Road, Luxi County泸西县迎宾路阿庐大街九华路三岔口

Tel: 0873-8892111

Starting Price: 142 CNY

2. Luxi Hongmu Hotel泸西红木酒店

Address: No.8, Yingbin Road, Zhongshu Town中枢镇迎宾路8号

Tel: 0873-8892222

Starting price: 226 CNY

3. Time Hotel泸西时光连锁酒店

Address: No.1, Shenli Aggregate Market, Zhongshu Town中枢镇胜利综合市场1号

Tel: 0873-6655788

Starting price: 68 CNY


Luxi County has a very long history. We will list a part of its history.

The record of Luxi County began in Han and Tang dynasties. According to historical documents of Han dynasty, the name of Luxi County has two meanings. One is named after the Luyuan Cave in the west of county, and the other one is named after Luchuan in the west of the county. Then experiencing Song and Yuan dynasties, Ming and Qing dynasties, as well as the republic of China, until after the found of People's Republic of China, on March 27th, 1962, the State Council approved the restoration of Luxi County, and it is under the administration of Honghe Prefecture.

More History and Culture in Luxi County.


By the end of 2016, the total population of the county is 440,500. In this year, Luxi county achieved a GDP of 8.3824.1 billion yuan, with a per capita GDP of 20136 yuan. He has been awarded the Green China •2014 Environmental Protection Achievement Award, National Youth Campus Football Pilot County, National Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Demonstration County, National Health County and other honorary titles.